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A happy group assembled with sugar plums dancing in their heads…presumably.   Birthday girl Mary Murphy called the meeting to order at the appointed time.
The pledge was led flawlessly by Rose Camarena.  Mark Johnson delivered the invocation.  Sadly, Mark announced the passing of our Dave Vaughn, a member of Rotary Club of Burlingame since 1986.  Mariyn Orr was advised if Dave’s passing by the family, and tells us a memorial will be planned for January at the Hillsborough Racket Club.
Visiting Rotarians included Steve Wagstaffe, District Attorney of this here County of San Mateo.
Fritz Brauner introduced our guest and speaker Michelle Durand of the San Mateo Daily Journal.   Frances Boscacci introduced honored guest Jo Whitehouse, aka Mrs. Mike Heffernan.  Lage introduced a new Carr McClellan Associate, our own Nicole Armstrong.  Mary Murphy elicited a President’s Club Membership from Lage.  Fair enough, it’s a finder’s fee of sorts.
Guest of the Club was David Fleishman, Executive Director, Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo County.
Frances Boscacci announced that the total of funds collected thus far for the Borneo Project total $19,300 which includes a $6,000 contribution by the Rotary Club of Burlingame, $7,300 from individual members and…drumroll…we have earned $6,000 in matching funds from Jo Whitehouse who presented her check today.  Kudos to all, but really Frances deserves special credit for motivating us!!!  Thanks, Frances. 

Uh oh, the Newscast is back, delivered by Sean Williams.  Right in the middle of our lunch, he had us rockin’ and rollin’ to videos of humans doing dangerous things.  Mary Murphy was particularly amused and delighted by the poor fool who fell 6,289 feet on his head after the trapeze crashed.  It was pretty funny and he did survive, but really Mary.
You had to have been there, but RUN RUN RUN turned into SEAN SEAN SEAN!!!!!  Good job, sir.
Fritz Brauner introduced Michelle Durand of the San Mateo Daily Journal.  Pretty, smart, charming, and funny!  After seeing her sit in the back row at the Burlingame Council Meetings for years, I thought she was fascinated!  No, she was bored witless.  She is, however, an expert on artificial turf and she has City Council to thank for that.
Michelle has been with the San Mateo Daily Journal for 13 years.  She has wide news reporting duties and also writes the twice weekly “Off the Beat” column.
Michelle was born and raised in the Valley and attended U. C. Santa Cruz.
Michelle terms her “beat” hyper-local with the worst part being sitting at Council Meetings.  Orangeburg pipes apparently do not hold her attention.  Oh well, she has those letters from jail.
For some reason, folks holed up in County Jail like to write letters to Michelle, sharing their valuable opinions on just about anything.  They are a captive audience, we’ll agree.  Just last week she received a poem from an inmate on the subject of the County Fair.  High drama for sure.  Perhaps there is a County Poet Laureate in our midst.  Well, not in our midst, but the County’s midst.
A day in the life of Michelle Durand involves the inevitable Council Meetings, perhaps a fire in San Bruno, and often the activities of puppies.
A warning when operating a newspaper: Don’t mess with the games. Sudoku and the crosswords are paramount of importance to the readers.
There were shameless invitations for Michelle to consider joining Burlingame Rotary.  There is an unofficial coffee date in her future.
Next week, Monday, December 15, Annual Rotary Christmas Luncheon at the MARRIOTT BURLINGAME.  Fun and frolic will occur.  Call Marilyn Orr or John Delaney to secure your reservation and pay for your ticket.
                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

After a lovely Thanksgiving respite and lots of delicious rain, we assembled together to begin the Silly Season and anticipate 2015 in just a few short weeks.  Following the Pledge, the invocation was read by Delia Montano who quoted the writings of Mark Twain.
Visiting Rotarians included our speaker Anne Campbell of the San Mateo County
Office of Education.  Anne is a member of the Burlingame South club.  Also in
attendance was Nancy Bush, another Baja Burlingame member.
Guest of the Club and introduced by Cheryl Fama was Erica Wood of Silicon Valley Community Foundation who holds the position of Chief Community Impact Officer.  Marilyn Orr introduced Martin Jorgensen, Director of Operations, Burlingame Community Education Foundation.  Vidal Graupera introduced his lovely daughter Maggie who is in her senior year at U. C. San Diego.
                                                    WELCOME ALL!
Mary Murphy wished herself a happy birthday on December 8.  Ricardo Ortiz was a Christmas Eve gift, and yours truly got the birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper on the 22nd.
Mary Murphy noted that today is World AIDS Day. There are 34 million folks in the world with HIV and AIDS, with 1.2 million living in the United States.  There is no cure for AIDS, but it is now a manageable disease through drug therapy.
Mary also mentioned that polio is back!!!!
With that gloomy report concluded, John Delaney cheered us up with word of the Rotary Christmas party:
                                                       MONDAY, DECEMBER 15
                                        San Francisco Airport Marriott – Waterfront
                                                   First Floor – Bayside Ballroom
                                Convene at 11:30 A.M., lunch at 12:15 - $47.50 per person
We need a head count, folks.  Please call Marilyn Orr at 650-378-3628 or John Delaney at 650-375-6026.  They will take a credit card, count your head for you, and DONE!!  You’ll have extra time to practice your Christmas carols before the 15th.  You know you love Christmas Carols time with David Behling.
Call Marilyn or John today, please – it’s important.  Invite your significant other,
your friends, and your outlaws.  Good fun!
Suzanne Juptner reminded that this Friday, December 5, is the grand tree lighting at ye olde Burlingame City Hall.  Rotary Members will assemble at the parking lot between Mollie Stone’s and Walgreen’s – sort of – and parade over to City Hall in Santa hats, available at the aforementioned Walgreen’s.  Meet at 5:30/5:45.
Three cheers for the lovely Frances Boscacci who has lead a promising drive to
Fund Rotary projects in Borneo.  Somehow she got the Club Board to part with
$6,000, our club members are coming up with $6,000, and brilliant Jo Whitehouse, AKA Mrs. Mike Heffernan, is matching the $6,000 Burlingame Rotary Members Contributions…if we get there.  So, send your donation to Frances and let’s get those matching funds!  Congratulations, Frances, you are
a formidable advocate.
Sad news: our Dave Vaughn is in end stage melanoma; hospice is attending and
the family is pulling close.  No visitors or calls, please.  Cards would be appreciated.
                        Dave Vaughn
                        1210 Kenilworth Road
                        Hillsborough, CA 94010
The dynamic duo of Anne Campbell and Vicky Wood told us about the Big Lift Project.
Given that the United States is in the top 1% of earning countries in the world, we have an education problem in this country. Big Lift seeks to see that three- and four-year-olds receive quality preschool educations that will prepare them to go the distance in the 21st century world.
  • Children cannot thrive with sub-standard pre-school education.
  • Attendance is markedly lower among children from less affluent families.
  • Summer programs are important in providing educational continuity.
  • Families must be engaged and committed to children’s education.
These ladies, together with Carole Groom of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors comprise the Peninsula partnership leadership which looks to facilitate access to 21st Century Education.
The kickoff of the Big Lift Program was in May 2013 when 100 top leaders were invited to hear the program.  The question asked of these leaders?
                                                    ARE YOU IN?
By June 2013 the County was in with a $2 million commitment over two years for early intervention.  Twenty million was committed in 14 months.
An exciting program. We will look forward to updates.
Time to shop.  Remember: Diamonds go with everything.

imageThe Three Amigos put on a great program.   Because of his Network, Jay attends a lot of Rotary Clubs in the South Bay.   We are the only club that has clergy that represent three major faiths.  Many do not even have one member of the cloth.

Bob Davidson always liked the Thanksgiving Program and this one like last year was exceptional.
Editor:  The Fun Fairies put on a great party last week and got our holiday season off to a Roti-cilous start. 

Invocation:    Past President John Delaney, largely without error, read an invocation presented to him by Prez Mary. Mary actually used a dictionary to write the invocation and it showed. Chuck Voltz led our pledge quite ably. 
No visitors were announced. John Delaney introduced us to Mark Jorgenson from Burlingame Community Education.  Mark is the Executive Director of BCE and was our guest. 
Announcements:  Our Holiday Party is on December 15, 2014 at the Burlingame Marriott.  Significant others are welcome.   $45 will likely be about the cost of attendance.   What a bargain!   Our Club’s Board of Directors meeting is this Wednesday, November 19, at City Hall.  Feel free to join.
Zellicious Newscast:  Dennis Zell, going where most nowadays fear to tread, gave a Newscast saved from Election Day that was worth the wait. A Helpful Zell Hint:  If you want college students to do something, don’t call it a “midterm.”   Dennis gave a fair and balanced report bashing both local AND national members of the Democratic Party.   Dennis also expressed surprise that his ebola jokes fell flat…only his surprise was surprising.  Thanks, Dennis!
Program and Speaker:   Karen Malekos-Smith introduced Dr. Jesus Saucedo.  As an Associate Chief Medical Officer at PAMF San Mateo Urgent Care, Jesus saves people when they are in need.   San Mateo Urgent Care is housed in a beautiful facility that opened in September and can see up to 100 patients a day.   This walk-in clinic is open 365 days a year.   There are on-site diagnostic services and enhanced treatments are available including casting and minor surgical procedures.

Announcements:  Mike Horwitz slowly walked up to the microphone and brought up the Golf and BBQ Committee with him.   We/They did great!  Thank you to all who helped (and it was lots of folks) make this event a screaming success.   168 dinners were served and there was a lively live and silent auction.  111 golfers joined us.   Stan Moore compared a tooth ache favorably to Mike Horwitz and then told us that we raised $40,000 which is a big increase from last year.   Stan then made a very generous additional donation to the great Rotary cause.  Thank you Stan, Mike, et al. Get next year’s event on your calendar:  October 5, 2015, shotgun start at noon, Peninsula Golf and Country Club.
John Delaney asked for volunteers to help out CALL Primrose the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Contact John (like President Mary did) to help out this very worthy organization.
Program and Speaker:   Bob Doerr introduced Dr. Greg Cailliet who helped us unravel the secret lives of sharks and rays.   Greg is the Director of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the Pacific Shark Research Center.  There are over 500 types of sharks.   Rays are sharks that have been flattened.  There are over 600 of these bad boys.    Sharks travel great distances and swim in the deeper cool water leaving the odds of an attack in Hawaii as slim so that’s a relief.  
Visiting Rotarians/Guest of Club:   We had guests from a bunch of places at a lot of tables (thanks to Cheryl Fama for helping spot our guests and visitors). 

Announcements: It was our big “Let’s give away a bunch of money!” day and we were joined by a great collection of visitors and very important people.    It was great to see so much enthusiastic appreciation and participation from our community.
Program and Speaker:  President Mary bravely turned the microphone and meeting over to Nicole Armstrong and Scott Hartley who led an Oscar style award ceremony.   The show opened with a musical number and, fortunately, the settlement terms of the case of Idina Menzel v. Hartley prevents any further comment here.    Nicole and Scott then restored some semblance of dignity and order and called out our five winning organizations and they got lots of money.
We gave money to five local organizations:
Apple Tree Dental
A grant of $33,000 to Apple Tree Dental will go toward purchase of a large truck that delivers fully-equipped Portable Dental Offices to provide on-site dental care to needy residents at community nursing homes, group homes, head-start centers, schools, and assisted living facilities who would not otherwise have access to such dental services. 
Star Vista
A grant of $22,500 will help Star Vista to support its Teen Suicide Prevention Program in Burlingame and adjacent communities. In addition to providing a 24/7 hotline, it provides on-site education and training on suicide intervention and prevention for youth, parents, teachers and school staff at local high schools and middle schools. 
Burlingame High School’s Camp Everytown Program
A grant of $20,000 will be used by Burlingame High School to support its Camp Everytown program, an intensive 4-day personal and group experience involving a diverse mix of approximately 80 students to promote core values of respect, empathy, acceptance and responsibility—addressing issues such as cheating, diversity and bullying. 
A grant of $12,500 will be used by Palcare to support its model literacy program for pre-kindergarten children that it has developed as part of Operation Lift—a county-wide “start early” effort to increase student literacy by the third grade level. 
CALL Primrose
A grant of $12,000 will allow CALL Primrose to augment its food refrigeration space, including the refrigerators and associated electrical work. 
Burlingame Rotary was also presented with a lifetime achievement award by Mayor Michael Brownrigg.
Thank you to all who did so much great work to make our Club shine bright.


On Oct. 27, the Rotary Club of Burlingame presented $100,000 in grants to local nonprofits Apple Tree Dental, StarVista, Burlingame High School’s Camp Everytown program, Palcare and CALL Primrose. Seen at the presentation are, from left to right, Terri Boesch, CALL Primrose manager; Di Yim, Burlingame High School principal; Laurie Hudelson, Burlingame High School teacher; Mary Murphy, Burlingame Rotary Club president; Chris Gallagher, district governor of Rotary District 5150; Stacy Gephart, StarVista volunteer; Sara Larios Mitchell, CEO of StarVista; Lisa Kiesselbach, executive director of Palcare; and Dick Gregory, director of Apple Tree Dental. The Rotary Club of Burlingame, chartered in 1925, has been in existence more than 85 of Rotary International’s 100 years. For information, visit

On the 286th day of the year, some of us gathered for lunch and a really interesting speaker who spoke on technology’s contribution to the continuing and growing issues of old age. Turns out old folks are the fastest growing segment of the population. Uh oh, not good…
President Mary called the meeting to order at 12:15P.  Duffy Offield led the pledge and Rosalie McCloud read the invocation asking for World Peace.  It is
hoped she is not running for Miss America or some such.    Quite honestly, President Mary abused that sweet Ted Kruttschnitt throughout the meeting; he
just took it, smiling benevolently all the while.
No visiting Rotarians; really, we were lucky there were any Rotarians at all!  Something must be going on to which we were not privy.  Guest of the club was Christy Nguyen, of California Asset Resort, LLC, San Francisco.
President Mary acknowledged October birthdays:
     October 3   Stan Moore
                     6   Bruce Farrell
                     9   Dave Carr
                    27  Scott Hartley
Happy Unbirthday to all!!!
President Mary’s husband John celebrates a birthday tomorrow.  Congratulations to Dennis and Brigitte Zell on a happy 15 years.  Congratulations also to Julius Aires on his new grandson.  Debbie Wong’s daughter got married and President Mary subtly encouraged membership in her President’s Club.  Debbie complied;  cost of a wedding plus the President’s Club. Cold!!!
Uh oh…all the folks who haven’t updated their roster listings were fined by the money-grubbing President Mary, including your reporter and many others.
Stan Moore encouraged more golfers for the October 20 tournament benefitting Rotary scholarships.  Here’s a timeline for the fun day:
   12:00   Play golf!
     5:00   Cocktails
     6:30   Dinner
Jennifer Pence will introduce us to some scholarship recipients and Stan Moore has other surprises planned.  Don’t miss it: you’re paying whether you go or not!
Silly Mary Murphy didn’t know what a “mulligan” is.  It’s apparently a second or third marriage.  Good luck with that.
Cheryl Fama introduced a tall, attractive, 41-year-old gentleman who talked about technology and old age.  His message is that the worlds of exponential technologies and the unprecedented aging population is colliding.  Aging is more than healthcare.  What he knows about old age is the question; he answered it!
Stephen Johnston is a native of the United Kingdom with an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar.
Aging 2.0 is a global organization on a mission to improve the lives of older adults around the world.  We’ll drink to that!  Stephen says they are not a non-profit, but they haven’t made any money.  They are part of Generation Ventures Portfolio which has numerous interests, so we won’t worry about Stephen.
Stephen shared amazing projects exhibited at the Design Challenge of the Stanford Center on Longevity.  At the center, the aging population is introduced to the technological geniuses, and together innovation occurs.
We saw a car you could maneuver your wheelchair into and off you go.  There was a contraption that could provide seating anywhere, anytime for the walking-impaired; don’t ask me.  There were diapers, the condition of which could be read on your iPhone.  Best not to ask about this either.  Then, there were the airbag undies; in case we take a fall, our hips are cushioned.  Hip fractures are one of the most common and most expensive issues of old age.
There was a robot of sorts that becomes your best friends.  Lack of sex and loneliness are two main issues for the elderly.  Stephen had no solution for the sex bit, but did offer a friendly robot.  Don’t go there.
It was all-in-all a good day; hope you didn’t miss it!

Invocation:    Di Yim called on us to be grateful and remember those less fortunate.   Past President Duffy Offield led our pledge. 
Announcements:  We met this week at Poplar Creek and the view the 18th green was lovely.  Speaking of a good walk spoiled (segue alert!), our Scholarship Raising Golf Tournament is October 20 at Peninsula Golf & Country Club. Mike Horwitz is doing a great job getting golfers and sponsors together.  We still need more so get out there and spread the word.  Friend of Burlingame Rotary Bob Hortop is coming through for us with hole sponsorship and donations and getting golfers to play with us.  Let Bob be an inspiration to you so we can help as many students as possible. 
Charlie Rosebrook is in charge of the Annual BBQ section of the day and it will be great.  Charlie promised leftovers from last year’s BBQ…or least that’s what Lage and I heard promised but maybe Charlie meant something different by “same food as last year.”   Charlie (repeatedly) pointed out that this is a mandatory event so you might as well actually show up and enjoy the event you’re paying for one way or the other.
Jim Shypertt provided the Sunshine Report and “We’re all great!”

Newscast!   Jennifer Pence examined Pierre Bouquet for brain activity and found none when he has a microphone in his hands.  Jennifer then told some jokes that are safe for repeating to 3rd graders and ended in fuzzy handcuffs.  Nice job, Jennifer.
Program and Speaker:   Cheryl Fama introduced Fellow Rotarian Maggie MacIsaac.   Maggie, the Burlingame Schools’ Superintendent, has set a goal to make every moment count for our city’s students and, by extension, their families.   She is leading an effort to engage our students.   Maggie then introduced Tim Ryan.  Tim is the Facilities Manager and outlined the exciting work being done at BIS.   A 20,000 square foot building is planned adding needed classes as well as outdoor/indoor space to enhance education.  There are even “Gang Restrooms” according to Tim.   Construction starts in December.
Visiting Rotarians/Guest of The Club:   We had guests from a bunch of places.  Your HG staff missed each and every one of their names.  
Upcoming Programs:     
October 6:            Dr. Dan Ullyot – Hepatitis C:  What’s New
          October 13:  Stephen Johnson – Aging 2.0:  Technology & Senior Care
          October 20: Golf Tournament and Annual BBQ
          October 27: Community Day – Grant Presentations

Announcements: Our big fundraising BBQ/Golf Tournament is October 20.   This is our major fundraiser for the year so please support it in as many ways as possible.   Contact Mike Horwitz to golf/sponsor/help/whatever!
Pay attention:  Our next meeting, September 29, will be meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo.   If you show up at the Hilton you will be greeted by only a sad condescending shake of the head from the hotel staff.
Program and Speaker:  Dave Behling introduced Dave Parker, the Original Lone Ranger.   We were told about a great program and a different era.

Coming Weeks Programs:
September 29:   Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Burlingame School Superintendent
(Note:  Meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo)
October 6: Dr. Dan UllyotHepetitis C, What’s New

Invocation:  Dave Behling asked us to think about others including those less fortunate and hungry in our world.  Thank you, Dave.  With a strong “I!” Chuck Voltz started the pledge of allegiance to our great nation.
Announcements: Our big fundraising BBQ/Golf Tournament is October 20.   This is our major fundraiser for the year so please support it in as many ways as possible.   Mike Horwitz gave a very positive update for what will be a fun and entertaining day.   Volunteers for game day are needed as are even more golfers/sponsors/auction items.   See our very appreciative and appreciated Mike to help out.

Father Mike Mahoney just got back from a biblically dry trip to Ireland.    The only wet blankets he ran into were in England.  We know the feeling, Father Mike.  Michael Griffen is a young looking attorney and our newest member.  President Mary interviewed Michael and it was awkward in a “Mrs. Robinson” sort of way.   (The HG’s decision to join the Prez Club is looking more and more like a solid investment.)
Barry “.3” Parker made a looonnng pitch to try get us to support Rotary International.   Barry wants us to sell a lot of raffle tickets by October 24.   You’ve got to have goals, Barry, so good for you.   I want to be 6’4” with a full head of hair.  Stay tuned to see how it works out for both of us.        
Newscast Schedule:  Jennifer Pence will be delivering our monthly Newscast on September 29 and she is busily looking for material and rehearsing her kazoo playing.  The HG knows she is “busily looking for material” because she spent a lot of time during the meeting looking at her phone.  Researching the next Newscast is the only possible good excuse for such behavior.       
Are you reading this?  If yes, then you’ve been told that on September 29 the Club will be meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo.  You’ve been told…whether you’ll remember is out of HG’s metaphoric hands.

Program and Speaker:  Mike Heffernan introduced former Burlingame Rotarian Tom Mohr.  It was great to have Tom back with us if only for a day.  Tom likes our Club because it is full of heroes (his word) who do good work for our community.  Tom specifically called out for special notice Joe Galligan and Tom got that one right:  Joe’s work on all our behalf is tireless.  Tom gave us an update on the current state of our community colleges and related topics.  There are 112 community colleges in our state that serve about 2 million students.   The colleges are doing great work for an otherwise underserved student population.  Student loan dept has exploded and is very problematic for our state and nation.   The impact of this debt is hurting our entire economy, not just students and their families.  With a high level of debt service weighing down families and individuals, spending habits change in ways that cost us all.   People are delaying starting families, buying homes, and marrying as a result of fears caused in large part by student loan debt according to Tom.  For-profit schools are being investigated for predatory lending practices (among other things) by 32 states including California.   Tom briefed us on the troubling practices of these institutions.   Encourage students to go to community colleges or state schools instead, and find time to hug an English professor.   Thanks for joining us, Tom.  Come back real soon.
Coming Weeks Programs:
          September 22:      Dave Parker – Original Lone Ranger
          September 29:      Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Burlingame School Superintendent
                                                (Note:  Meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo)
October 6:            Dr. Dan Ullyot – Hepetitis C, What’s New

Invocation:  Bob Doerr read a heartwarming message from the HG’s favorite author:  Unknown.
Announcements: Mark your calendars:  On September 29 the Club will be meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo.  Our speaker will be one of our own - Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Burlingame School Superintendent.
Perpetual Visitor Pete Wanger donated $500 to OUR Club.  Thanks, Pete!
Some people were born in September.   Big whoop.

Mike Harvey’s $101 donation only cost Prez Mary a bit of her dignity.    Mike’s question:  What’s the difference between a puppy and Rotary President?  Answer:  A puppy will eventually grow up and stop whining.
Fore!  We need more players for our annual golf tournament and Stan Moore wants you out there.   It is a great afternoon followed by a terrific barbecue and our charitable good works benefit.    Tournament/BBQ is October 20 so get some friends together and get to Peninsula Golf and Country Club.   We have had a very good response from event and hole sponsors but more space is available so reach out to Stan and/or Bob Doerr.
Mike Heffernan introduced one of our scholarship winners, Abigail Lozowski.   Abigail is pursuing a degree in nursing at Cal State East Bay.   She is also studying about the business world to better prepare herself for a professional life in healthcare.   You are a very impressive young person, Abigail, and thank you for giving us hope for the future.    Abigail’s mom Eugenia also joined us.  Nice job, Eugenia, for whatever part of Abigail that is attributable to nurture.

Newscast Schedule:  Jennifer Pence will be delivering our monthly Newscast on September 29.    Cheryl Fama will deliver our October Newscast on the 27th. Dennis Zell will amuse us in November.

The Burlingame Spirit Run took place a few weeks back and our Club was well represented.   Money and a good time were raised.               
Sunshine Report:  Jim Shypertt reports that we are all in good shape.  Nicole Armstrong is “gooder” than the rest of us as she is in Hawaii.
Program and Speaker:  Mike Hurley of the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) joined us.  Mike is still trying to overcome his “education” at a private school in So-Cal that will not be named (hint:  the school’s band only knows one song).  BAWSCA’s mission is to reliably supply high quality water at a fair price.   Our reserve is 70% full and so in “pretty good” shape.  Nonetheless, we are in a drought and 10% water use has been requested and achieved to date.   The systems throughout our state are not effectively interconnected.  Lawn Be Gone is a program that pays for removal of grass.   Thanks to Mike Harvey’s love of his home planet, Ted has agreed to remove three par 3s from his backyard (no, he hasn’t).
Next Weeks’ Programs:
          September 15:      Tom Mohr – Community College System
          September 22:      Dave Parker – Original Lone Ranger
          September 29:      Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Burlingame School Superintendent
                                                (Note:  Meeting at Poplar Creek in San Mateo)
October 6:            Dr. Dan Ullyot – Hepetitis C, What’s New

President Mary called the meeting to order at the appointed time.   The pledge was led by Joe Camaroto, the invocation read by Rosalie McCloud.  The invocation was authored by Mark Twain and read with passion and conviction, of course.
Guests of Rotarians included Robert Doyle, younger son and chief technology assistant of President Mary.  Also present was Pete Wanger from the Rotary netherland, somewhere between Rotary Club of San Mateo and our own Burlingame Rotary.  They say females can’t make up their minds!!!
Guests of Rotarians included today’s speaker Jo Whitehouse, introduced by the lovely Frances Boscacci, Mrs. Joyce Bouquet introduced by Pierre Bouquet, Cheryl
Fama’s granddaughter Sofia.  Mike Heffernan introduced Vivian, last year’s Rotary scholarship winner.  Charles Voltz introduced his life partner, Mary Hunt.
Jim Shypertt gave a sunshiny report, stating all doing very well.  Not just well, mind, but VERY WELL. 
The Program Committee announced their 7:00A meeting on September 2.  Oops,
missed it! The best speakers are from our club really, and their talented significant others, I must say.  Program Committee is fun. Your reporter attended
once (probably up all night the night before).  When you hear the discussion of possible speakers, it prompts you to think of someone you know who would be an interesting speaker. Surely you know someone. Drop in; Lage makes coffee!
Dave Behling reported on the Spirit Run.  This is a highly anticipated family event in Burlingame; a happy success.
Doug McGeorge and Jan Petty survived the Napa earthquake as did their home.  It did wake and startle them.  Where am I, who am I?  Good you’re safe, kids.

Charlie Rosebrook encouraged members to pay up their October 20 Club Barbecue.  They got my money; that is one fun evening.  The golf tournament
precedes the barbecue, of course. Marilyn Orr will happily receive your money.
Robert Doyle assisted President Mary in running a video of Mary getting the ice bucket.  We used to throw Rotary Presidents in the pool, so this is the least she
can do.  The ALS Challenge has already garnered $100 million dollars.  There can be no greater cause.
Bob Doerr reminded about the Rotary Means Business (RMB) event in Foster City on Wednesday night.  Bill Chow is roasting a pig and Rotarians will chow down and make new business contacts.
Scholarship girl Vivian graduated Burlingame High School this year with a 4.121 average. No typo, she basically exceeded perfect.  Good thing, she’s studying pre-med.
Peter Comaroto updated us on the various Rotoract Clubs on the mid-Peninsula,
exposing teens to Rotary.  The Serra High School Rotaract has been active for three years, the Notre Dame Rotaract is in Year 2.  Unfortunately, interest in the Burlingame High School Rotaract is waning.
Peter and Maki Kobayashi, with an assist from Bob Doerr, are working on an International Student Exchange for three to five students. More later.
Pierre Bouquet delivered a newscast that defies description and will be our little secret.  No idea why his appearance had repeatedly been put off. We love you,
Pierre, but really…
Mike Heffernan done good.  Mike’s wife Jo Whitehouse was our speaker today.
Dr. Jo  is UCSF-trained in physical rheumatology, a USC cum laude in bio-chemistry, and has spent the last twenty years working on new drugs.  She is an
award-winning UCSF professor.  She is full of energy, profoundly generous, and
enthusiastic.  She’s pretty and nice, too!
Dr. Jo talked about her work in Borneo “Saving lives and saving rainforests”—in
ninety-degree humidity!
Borneo is in Malaysia and is home to ten percent of the world’s orangutans. Palm oil is the number one export.  It takes 150 years to re-forest a rainforest.
The glorious ASRI organization was founded in 2007 with a mission to balance the health of people with the health of the environment.
The ASRI clinic sees 45 patients a day, mostly for tuberculosis and malaria.  Organic farming is taught.   ASRI workers act as guardians to monitor and prevent illegal logging.  There is a seedling program.
ASRI teaches kids about habits of hygiene and the importance of clean water.
WHAT????????????   When a woman loses her husband, she is given a goat.  There, all’s good, you’re set.
There has been an almost 100% increase in family income due to organic farming.
There is hope that Rotary can assist these people with their basic needs.  It is required that there be a local Rotary Club available to guide the project.  Unfortunately, the Rotary Club in Malaysia is on Bali, has only 15 members, and is 500 miles from Borneo. 
Still Dr. Jo and her associates are on the case and Frances Boscacci is helping.
Thanks, Dr. Jo, it was riveting.
                              SEE YOU MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8!
Upcoming Programs:
            September 8:  Mike Hurley - Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency
            September 15:  Tom Mohr – Community College System
            September 22:  Dave Parker – Original Lone Ranger
            September 29:  Dr. Dan Ullyot – Hepetitis C, What’s New
Pledge of Allegiance: DG Christine Gallagher
Invocation:   Newest member Michael Griffin gave the reflection/invocation – and it was great.  A nice piece on what it means to be a part of Rotary
Announcements:   Nicole Armstrong reviewed the New Member requirements (attend a Board meeting, Program Committee, front desk gig, etc.) directing her remarks to Michael Griffin and opening with “He must take the Membership Committee chair and 10 other Club members out to dinner at Gary Danko’s.”   Nicole also offered a revision to the protocol noting that collecting business cards is outdated and suggested that new members become LinkedIn with at least 10 members. 
Mike Horwitz reported on the Golf Fundraiser:  Some $1000 checks that have come in and we need more sponsors.  Sponsorship and hole money goes right into the Service Fund.  Please pay attention to Stan Moore’s persistent requests for bottles of wine.
Program and Speaker:  It was DG week!  President Mary invited Assistant DG, Janet Fogarty, to come up and do the introduction of the DG Christine Gallagher….which she did in much detail.  Anytime an intro starts with where they were born and how often they moved starting with age 7 up to current day you know you are in for a ride.  Consequently, I don’t recall many details.  Some blurry recollections include - National Park Ranger, time on Alcatraz, Ranger in charge of Smokey the Bear, a 30-year working relationship with the Army Corps of Engineers, and many truly wonderful civic and community volunteer activities and deserved accolades.    Christine is the Manager of the SF Bay Model in Sausalito.   She has been to six International Conferences.   John Delaney reports that he believes there are 41 clubs in our District.
The DG’s remarks kept the audience engaged – no sleepers were noted and you could have heard a pin drop!  She asked us all to think about our “Rotary moments” – how we felt when asked to join; why we come to meetings; examples of special times that made us proud to be Rotarians.  She gave a personal example – giving oral polio vaccine to children and knowing that she played a part in keeping 70 children from getting the disease.   Also announced that her focus on fun, family and inclusiveness were the reasons for selecting the aquarium on Pier 39 for this year’s Foundation Event on November 2 and Disneyland for the annual meeting next year.  She got a deserved standing ovation and the meeting ended on time!
Visiting Rotarians/Guests of Club: Matthew Zumstein visited.
Next Week’s Program:
August 25: Jo Whitehouse - Health Clinic in Borneo Report
September 8: Mike Hurley – Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency
                   September 15: Tom Mohr – Community College System
                   September 22: Dave Parker – Original Loan Ranger on Radio
                   September 29: Dr. Dan Ullyot – Hepetitis C – What’s New   

July 28 proved an informative gathering. Mynor’s son Victor Chacon, a two-time Burlingame Rotary Scholarship recipient gave an update on his education. The next Fabulous Fairy Party has been scheduled for Thursday, November 20.
There will be an auction at the golf tournament. Stan Moore announced the need for donations of $30 or higher bottles of wine for this purpose. Finally, Scott and Sean Williams announced that they will soon share their experience (with video) running with the bulls at Pamplona.
President: Mary “Who You Calling ‘Bonehead’?” Murphy
This Week’s Reporter/Editor: Scott “That’d Be Me, Prez Bonehead!” Hartley
Invocation:    Walt Ramseur was called on in a pinch to give our Invocation.  Showing that even retired pilots are always cool under pressure, Walt quoted our dearly departed Bob Davidson to get our meal started in the right frame of mind.  Bob’s spirit playfully lingered throughout the meal and meeting.  Julius Aires led us in our pledge.
Announcements:  Mark Johnson told us that the Burlingame Police will take your drugs.   Presumably they would take Mark’s drugs too if he wants to give them up. 
Prez Mary called on Scott Hartley and criticized him for noting in this publication that she made a bonehead move as she left her notes unprotected on the podium while Ted Kruttschnitt was in the room last week.  Scott’s defense was (and is) that this indeed WAS a bonehead move.   All the wise attorneys in the room agreed with Scott (thank you, Lage Andersen and Charles Voltz) that truth is a fully successful defense to slander charges.   Noting that tyrants and other elected officials will often accept bribes, Scott joined the President’s Club twice.  Per the terms of the graft, the High Gear staff is now free to exercise their First Amendment privileges through the year and it is now officially open season on President Bonehead in the High Gear!
Dave Behling called Renee Navarro from Burlingame Community For Education to the front and presented her with a big check compliments of Burlingame Rotary.  Yea us!   The 3rd Annual Burlingame Spirit Run is on Labor Day at Burlingame Intermediate School to benefit BCE which supports the Burlingame K-8th schools. BCE raises the funds that are no longer given to our schools by the state, for physical education, music and library programs.   For a business to donate individually, contact: If you would like to volunteer on the race day, or the registration days, contact Sarah Cheyette at
Stan Moore reminded us that our scholarship raising Golf Tournament is October 20 at Peninsula Golf & Country Club.     Sponsorships are still available.  Stan says that getting a foursome together is a lot of fun.   Contact Mike Horwitz and join up so we can help as many students as possible. 
Jim Shypertt provided the Sunshine Report and joyfully announced that we are “all good.”
Program and Speaker:    Jerry Kuehn introduced Bert Upson who told us about his first book, On A Clear Day.  Bert told us about his experience in New York in September, 2001.   Bert and his book give his theories about the cause and effect of September 11, 2001.  He would like us to “never forget 9/11.”
New President Mary Murphy introduced the new Board of Directors. This year's Rotary theme was determined to be "Light Up, Rotary." The Scholarship Raising Golf Tournament will be in October and sponsorships are still available.
An England quiz raised a few bucks and the Debunking team provided entertainment. President Mary left her notes unprotected on the podium and Ted Kruttschnitt grabbed the opportunity to take them and shred them. President Mary introduced us to her friend, Betsy Koefoed, who told us some things about Rotary.

Newscast:    Newscast Fearless Leader Who Must Be Obeyed And Treated As Infallible Fritz Brauner took the stage and rocked the place.   He made New Year’s resolutions for others.  For instance, Dennis Zell will no longer tell baseball jokes.   Fritz, meanwhile, is going to start taking performance enhancing drugs.   Fritz announced that this year Burlingame Rotary Will Not Go Hollywood.    A lot of work is not going into this event.  Flu jokes were told…bacon jokes were told…a grand time was had by everyone named Mike Kimball.  
Program and Speaker:  Mike Horwitz introduced Marc Friedman.   Marc is a marketing and general business guru at McMillan Doolittle LLP.     He presented: “Economic Outlook - U.S. Retail.”   Brick and Mortar stores are suffering.  The only incomes that are rising are those of the highest earners.  E-Commerce is ripping.  If you are going to stay in Brick and Mortar, you better be perceived to be the best in some way (cheapest, fastest, easiest, etc.).  Thanks, Marc.
Newscast:    Dennis Zell (according to Dennis Zell) got up to the microphone and told a series of stories and anecdotes that he had hoped would amuse the crowd.  
Program and Speaker:  Dr. Sean Bourke of JumpStartMD’s medical weight loss programs gave us a lot of helpful advice on how to lose a little bit of our soft middles.   Cut out some of the carbs, add more actual fresh food and less processed stuff.  Good thoughts…now if only I didn’t really like carbs so much.   Dr. Bourke presented a measured plan that was much appreciated.
Announcements:   President John announced that there are too many darn announcements so he let us talk amongst ourselves.   Good job, John…it was/is nice to talk to our fine fellow Rotarians.
Ricardo Ortiz took the microphone to tell us that Dennis Zell is not only a great youth soccer coach, he is also a newly appointed member of the Peninsula Healthcare Board.   Congratulations, Dennis.
Bob Doerr announced that DK Lee (the current chair of the Rotary Foundation) is coming to speak Sunday evening, January 18.  Tickets are $100 and Bob is trying to get a table together.   Go talk to Bob and join in the fun.
Dr. Maggie Maclsaac, the Superintendent of the Burlingame schools (Cheryl Fama, sponsor), is now a fully badged member.   Also now badged is Lisa Goldman, Burlingame’s City Manager (Rosalie O’Mahony, sponsor).   Welcome Lisa and Maggie.
Newscast:    Scott Hartley gave it his best shot.    He told some stories about how cold it was in Green Bay and how dry it is up at Tahoe.    There was laughter…there were tears.
Program and Speaker:  John Ramey is a successful tech businessperson in Burlingame and was named by the White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of the best young entrepreneurs.  John founded iSocket which connects big advertisers with big companies and makes their commercials look good online.  Advertising online is constantly developing.  The ads online allow most sites to come to us for “free.”  Nonetheless, John noted that “Adblock Plus” ( will block online ads.  John works to spark entrepreneurship in developing countries and among young business people.   Dare your children (and yourselves (Ed.)) to be extraordinary.


Announcements: Our Holiday Party is December 16 at the Broadway Grill. Get your reservation in to Cheryl Fama yesterday.

The Burlingame Holiday Parade was great success even in the rain. There was singing, there was dancing, there was general merriment.

As we mentioned last week, Prez John has appointed a Special Projects Committee to explore possible uses for 1 to 4 projects in the total amount of up to $100,000 (funded from currently available but unallocated Service Funds). The Committee is soliciting suggestions from all Rotarians. Projects should generally fit the following guidelines:

"...make a significant impact within the greater Burlingame community by providing opportunities to make positive and sustainable changes in people's lives, with a bias toward youth. It would be desirable that there be meaningful engagement of club members and/or recognition of the Club due to the project/program selected."

Program and Speaker: Grant Fondo gave us an interesting albeit depressing review of criminal justice system and the impact of methamphetamine throughout our society.



Meeting held at Peninsula Humane Society Catered by A Black Tie Affair

Newscast: In honor of our lunch venue Fritz Brauner tried his hand at cat and dog jokes. When this fell flat he turned to audience participation and we got to hear favorite animal stories from our members. Mark Lucchesi admitted to having two dogs to which Ted K. made some comment about the meat counter at Mollie Stones. The group finally had enough and began to chant for the speaker to appear and begin in order to spare us any further pain. (Learn to love the pain because Hartley is next on the Newscast “hit” list – ed.)

Program and Speaker: Fritz changed hats and introduced our speaker, Scott Delucchi, the Sr. VP of Community Relations for Peninsula Humane Society. He is a life-long resident of San Mateo County having attended Serra High School and then Stanford University. He recognized Emily Matthews as the last arrival and said she would be awarded the three legged dog. As a 15 year PHS employee Scott witnessed the transition from the 60 year old cinderblock and chain link facility at Coyote Point to their brand new state-of-the-arts building on Rollins Road. This was all privately financed through a long fundraising effort. A large gift was given by a former wife of Larry Ellison. But they did not want the Ellison name on the building so honored longtime friend Tom Lantos. The official name of their new home is the Tom and Annette Lantos Center for Compassion. This is a three story building that houses dogs on the first floor, cats on the third and all other creatures on the second story. Scott explained that people give up their pets for a variety of reasons. One man had to surrender his parrot when he remarried because it continued to repeat the name of his first wife. Another gave up the cat because it didn’t match the furniture. Speaking of furniture, Scott asked if anyone knew the material used in the furnishings where the dogs and cats are housed. Cement! Very realistic looking but indestructible. PHS has a 100% adoption rate for healthy animals. They also stress spay and neutering and offer this as a low cost service. In fact they even have a mobile spay clinic that makes the rounds. You can recognize it if it is in your neighborhood as the back of the van says “GO NUTS.” Those who were interested were able to take a tour of the center at the conclusion of the meeting.



Burlingame’s Rotary Club had a fun-filled and Scholarship Fund friendly day under clear blue skies on Monday. Peninsula Golf and Country Club was the scene for a very well attended and enthusiastic round of golf followed by a delicious dinner and Auction/Awards Ceremony.

The sun was spectacular but not the only star at the benefit. The spectacular fall weather (NoCal in October is often better than anywhere else, anytime) combined with the tireless work of Michael Horwitz, Joe Sweis, Charlie Rosebrook and a cast of what seemed like thousands to make Monday a very successful day. Overjoyed and overworked Club photographer Jim Shypertt declared that there were “too many heroes!” There were too many sponsors for this reporter to track so if Mike or Joe would be good enough to provide a list, names will be included in an upcoming HG for appropriate celebration.

“We had a fabulous turn-out,” according to Chief Bean-Counter Marilyn Orr. “I’m certain we will have a very profitable event.” Final numbers are still being calculated and we should expect an update this coming Monday.

The Auction and Award Ceremony was ably chaired by Mike Horwitz with an amusing “Ted Being Ted” segment as well. Joe Sweis, apparently a master magician, turned an ordinary deck of playing cards into over $500 for the Club.

Thank you all for a delightful day and evening. Our many members and guests who attended saw our Club in very fine light.



Mike Horwitz detailed the fabulous evening we will have at Peninsula Golf and Country Club on October 7. Some of us will have played golf at the club during the day as well. Charlie Rosebrook reminded we are dark that day for lunch.


Mark Lucchessi got sweet-talked into this at the last minute so introduced new Rotarian Joy Huetteman who told us a little about herself. She is A Notre Dame de Namur graduate and provides accounting services to startups. She’s a runner, too!

Today’s Speaker and Program

President John introduced former Burlingame Rotarian Matt Biggar.

Matt talked about how efforts to aid the environment are all about choices on our part. Our motivation has to be there. The jury is still out for some folks whether the planet is warming at all. And, if it is warming, is it the fault of people and therefore controllable in any way?

Surely, traffic and poor air can be decreased by making personal transportation choices: Bus or bike to work two days a week? Bike every day? No use of car twice a week? Considerations are infrastructure, cost, and available auxiliary services. Again, the individual must be motivated to make the change.

Thanks, Doctor Matt; it was great hearing your vision.

Next Week’s Program: On September 30, we will hear Jeanne Smith on “Organizing your Life.” Good luck with that!



Rotary Scholarship Star Lynn-Marie Rouchanian

What a joy to hear Lynn-Marie tell us of her pre-med studies at U. C. Santa Cruz after graduation from Burlingame High School and having been awarded a Rotary Scholarship.

Program and Speaker

Assistant District Governor, our own Bob Doerr, introduced District Governor Eric Schmautz. Eric is a member of San Francisco #2 Club where he was President for 2008-2009. He is a 25-year member of Rotary International. He works at Wells Fargo San Francisco. Eric reminded that a Rotary Club can do so much more as an organization than any member can do individually.

  • Rotary has immunized two billion children in 156 countries
  • Rotary is the largest and oldest place to volunteer your time: 1.2 billion members and growing.

After the Rotary International Convention in Portugal, nine Rotarians, including Eric, traveled to Zambia to observe a malaria abatement project. There 61% of children under five years old had malaria by the end of the first quarter 2013. Fifty-five percent (55%) of the women are HIV-positive. Those five-year-olds are likely to grow up without their mothers. The people believe witchcraft causes their children to be ill.

The homes in Zambia are constructed of packed mud, therefore the walls are of minimal height. These homes house a husband, wife, three children, and all their earthly possessions. There is no electricity, no plumbing, no water. Rotary was founded in 1905. In 1917, the Rotary Foundation was established and $5.00 was collected. It was a start!

Next Week’s Program

Our speaker will be our friend Matt Biggar, a former Burlingame Rotarian, who is a Stanford Doctorial Candidate, who will discuss the “Influence of Conditions on Personal Transportation Behavior.



Bob Davidson was with us today as many remembered the friends he had in Rotary, the friend he was, and the many areas in which he participated in our Club over 40 years. President John thanked Mark Johnson, Mike Heffernan and the many others who worked to put together a warm remembrance of our Bob. The invocation was led by Rabbi Jay Miller who recalled all the inspirational invocations and other life-affirming messages Bob shared over the years.

Speaker of the Day Priya Clemons described the product of Seasons Productions, San Francisco. We watched a short but affecting video of a Mr. and Mrs. Seiford. Mr. and Mrs. Seiford have been married 60+ years and a charming video was created about their lives as early marrieds. This would be an excellent keepsake for any family. The Rotarians asked, “what about the shoebox full of photos and old movie reels we already have?” Seasons Productions can transfer them to disk and edit for a permanent keepsake. Prices start at $500 and are shown on their website And, thanks soooooooooo much for the gift of a video for our golf event upcoming.



Robert "Bob" Matthew Davidson, Sr. Jun. 13, 1935 - Sept. 2, 2013

Bob passed away on September 2, 2013, at age 78. He was a devoted husband to Luella Jean (Shoemaker) Davidson. He was a loving father and is survived by his first son, Robert M. Davidson, Jr., his wife Cecilia (Lopez) Davidson, their daughter Andrea Davidson and son Matthew Davidson, and his second son, Scott F. Davidson. He was the son of Gordon Davidson and Linda (Ormiston) Davidson (both deceased) and the brother of Janet (Davidson) Birk (deceased) and Helen (Davidson) DeVere.

Bob was born in Albany, NY, grew up in Delmar, NY, and graduated from Bethlehem Central High School in 1953. He completed his degree in Civil Engineering from Norwich University in VT, then enlisted in the US Army who brought him West by stationing him at Fort Ord near Monterey, CA. After his service, he worked as a civil engineer for the city of Burlingame, then served as City Manager for the town of Hillsborough. Bob married Lue, his wife of 45 years, and settled in Redwood City.

He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame for 50 years, where he was ordained as a Deacon and an Elder, and sang in the Chancel Choir. He was a member of the Burlingame Rotary Club and served as Club President in 1981-82. He lived a very full life in service and faith. The family is grateful for his love, integrity, humor, wisdom and deep faith. He now serves his Lord in His Kingdom.

The family requests that, in lieu of flowers, memorial donations be made to the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame, 1500 Easton Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010, or a charity of your choice.



Save the date, Monday, October 7, 2013, for our 2nd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. We have moved the tournament to the spectacular Peninsula Country Club in San Mateo where players from all over the area will enjoy a wonderful day of golf followed by our Annual BBQ. Mike Horwitz' Golf Tournament Committee has been working on this for months, now, and as good as last year's tournament was, this year's is shaping up to reach new heights of quality, fun with proceeds going to assist our club's Scholarship Program.

Sign-ups for individuals and foursomes have begun. Don't miss out on this event. Ask those who played last year. This year it will be even better. Also, if you would like to sponsor a whole contact Mike Horwitz at (650) 670-0617 or



International Projects Being Reviewed By WCS - International Service  Committee

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