Posted on Feb 28, 2018

Pledge and Invocation

With President Mike missing in action (home with a cold - get better soon) Past President Mary Murphy leaped into action as President for the day, asking an unknown person to lead the pledge of allegiance.
Bob Doerr volunteered to give the invocation and did a thoughtful job of reminding us to take care of each other. He also took the opportunity to welcomed the children of the Crowden Music School, Berkeley and the Director of Music, Eugene Sor.

Guests and Visiting Rotarians

Our own Cary Koh introduced the talented children of the Crowden School and their Director, Eugene Sor.  Pete Wanger was delighted to introduce fellow Barbarshop singer, Owen Doyle. 
Visiting from the Foster City Rotary Club was Architect, Noemi K. Avram, AIA. who was anxious to hear today's young musicians.


Membership Chair and Rotarian who has tons of energy, Cheri Carr reminded us that there is a lot to do for our May 20th event, Burlingame Bistro...or is it Bistro Burlingame, and to put that date in your calendar.  It's a Sunday, folks and we hope to raise a lot of money for the Japanese Student Exchange and other Rotary Programs this year. 
Cheri also reminded us that our Rotary meetings are changing beginning March 7th, when our first meeting of the month with be 7:30AM for breakfast. Yes, you early risers this one is for you!  


Multi-talented Rotarian and former professional violinist, Mr. Cary Koh was delighted to introduce Director of Music of his alma mater - the Crowden School - Mr. Eugene Sor. Cary told us that the school was founded by Scottish violinist Anne Crowden who had a vision of a school that would provide a supportive environment for young musicians by incorporating music into the daily curriculum. In 1983, she and Piero Mancini opened the nonprofit Crowden School, with just thirteen students, facing unknown challenges but driven by Anne’s clear, uncompromising vision. It was the first school of its kind in the nation.

By 1998 Crowden had become a Berkeley institution, and moved into its current location, the historic Jefferson School building in North Berkeley. In 2003, the organization was officially renamed "Crowden Music Center." 

Dr. Eugene Sor then introduced us to the youngest of today's performers who played beautifully and made it look easy. These kids are totally dedicated to their music.  We were then treated to a presentation by the older kids who seem older than their years and who delighted everyone with their music. 
Rotarian Cary Koh then joined the quartet to play 'Winter' from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, wrote the music around 1721. Our Rotary audience was mesmerized by the professionalism and dedication of these amazing student musicians.  A short Q & A session followed.  We are very grateful to the children of the Crowden School and hope they will come again to delight us with their music very soon.  Thank you to Rotarian and virtuoso, Mr. Cary Koh for arranging today's program.


NOTE:Next Week's Meeting is a Breakfast Meeting

Wednesday, March 7th, is our first meeting of the month and begins at 7:30AM at Poplar Creek Golf Course 1700 Coyote Point Dr, San Mateo, CA 94401