Posted by Marilyn Orr on Oct 25, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

Scott Williams stepped forward when President Mike asked for a volunteer to lead us in the pledge of allegiance.
Mike then called on Pierre to deliver an invocation. 
We all knew we were in trouble when Pierre asked us all to be seated.  But he presented a timely Rotary quiz from the most recent issue of the Rotarian magazine.  He then informed us that he had met the current RI president many years ago as he visited Ian Riseley’s club in Australia.

Guests of the Club and Visiting Rotarians

Jennifer Pence introduced Sarah Haas as a guest of the club.  Sarah is in the education field doing a multitude jobs within that sector.  Alex Buljan brought along his longtime friend Brian Beasley who is developing some software application.  Maki Kobayashi introduced his guest from Japan, Mr. Sakashita.  He has helped with the students visiting that country.  There were no visiting Rotarians.


Bouquet with four “sapphires”.  This indicates four additional Fellowships after the initial $1000 commitment.  Pierre joined the club back in 1992 and has continued to be a sustaining contributor to the Rotary Foundation.  Pierre then presented a pin back to Bill Tiedeman with three stones.
Pierre and Marc Friedman gave us a short synopsis on our Safe Harbor efforts.  Pierre has been involved with feeding the homeless since early in his Rotary career.  He informed us how rewarding this service can be for a Rotarian.  Marc gave us some details.  Our club serves these meals on the 4th Thursday of each month.  They are always looking for volunteers so if you would like to participate please contact Marc.  Safe Harbor provides other services for this homeless population besides the meals.
Doug Person told the club about the relief efforts The Salvation Army is involved in with the counties affected by the devastating fires.  As of the 16th they had served more than 25,000 meals at evacuation shelters in Sonoma and Napa counties.  He passed around a fact sheet on this organizations effort for disaster relief.
Dennis Zell reminded us that next week the club will host the annual Little Big Game luncheon to honor BHS.  It will again be co-hosted by the Lions Club and served at their Club House.  Besides the change of venue it will be held on Thursday next week.


In lieu of a speaker ???? President Mike called on various Rotarians to contribute bits of “wisdom”.  He first tapped Cary Koh, our resident concert violinist.  Cary disclosed that he would be our presenter sometime in 2018.  He will bring along a few young musicians from a program with which he is involved in the East Bay.  I, for one, am looking forward to that.  Cary then put in a plug for Ken Burns’ Vietnam War series on PBS.  He said when he watches it he thinks of the Rotarians who served there, Alden Cunningham and Mike Heffernan.  Mike then felt it necessary to recognize those of us who served those fine men in uniform as they traveled to Vietnam and with luck on their return flight home.
President Mike then asked Sean Williams to give us an update on his ongoing education at Santa Clara.  Sean acknowledged that it is a lot of work but rewarding in the long run.  He could do without the commute, however.
With the time remaining President Mike helped the Club’s coffers by soliciting more members to his President’s Club.  Alden offered to join at 40% as that is how often he is in the State.  Scott Williams offered to make up the other 60%.  Additional members were Sean Williams, Sheryl Young and Jerry Kuehn.  
He then approached Fritz Brauner for words of wisdom.  Fritz took the opportunity to proclaim: “Meeting adjourned!”