Posted by Mary Murphy on Sep 20, 2017

Pledge and Invocation

For this very special meeting, the pledge of allegiance was led by longtime member and ultra-tall erudite, Michael Kimball.  Followed by Rabbi Jay Miller who inspired us and made us think - always a good thing.

Guests and Visiting Rotarians

Our visiting Rotarian this week was District Governor, Ron Gin - may the force be with him - who was introduced by another visiting Rotarian, Gary Chow who was introduced by our own, Bob Doerr. Ever busy Jennifer Pence introduced Brian Beach, Software Engineer and friend of the family who was visiting from Lahaina Sunrise Club in Mauii.  Aloha Brian! Alden Cunningham introduced San Mateo maven, Rosemary Azim, and Bob Hortop who was proud to introduce Forrest Malakoff, Founder, Philos Health - Children's Dental Clinic in the Philippines.  
Frances Boscacci decided this was the right time to pony up and join President Mike's President's Club. Good timing, Ms. Boscacci.


President Mike decided this was the best time to show District Governor, Ron Gin Burlingame Rotary's generosity and promptly auctioned off Rotary ties for the gentlemen and Rotary scarves for the ladies, making a tidy sum for the Club so we can continue to do good things for the community.
New Members, Alex Builjan and Doug Persons where honored to be inducted into the Club by District Governor, Gin. Reminding us that Rotary is not a religious organization he playfully used the Rotary Magazine to swear in Alex and Doug and they played along. As did Bob Doerr and President Mike who had sponsored Doug and Alex.  Doug used the podium to announce that he had just returned from his honeymoon and is a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. Alex is a local boy and is in real estate.  Welcome, Alex and Doug. 


Gary Chow was delighted to introduce District Governor Ron Gin as the speaker for today's meeting. DG Ron took an opportunity to remind us to save May 4th, 2018 as the date for the next District Conference. He urged us to take the time to attend. While giving out this year's Rotary pin, DG Gin explained its origin; the pin is based on the 'Star Trek' insignia in the shape of a slightly asymmetrical, arrowhead-shaped pennant as his theme is to boldly go where no man has gone before and may the 'force' be with us...and DG Ron Gin is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Ron joined the San Francisco China Town Club in 2009 and increased their membership exponentially. He is definitely a force in his own right. He is a committed Rotarian and an inspiration to us all based on what he has accomplished in such a short time as a member of Rotary.
Ron has asked all Rotarians to plant a tree by next world earth day. He is passionate about preserving the planet. He announced a special award called the 'President's Bell' for the most outstanding club in the district based on various achievements throughout the year. He reminded us that Founder Paul Harris himself planted a 'friendship' tree in 1932 when he visited Australia. DG Gin asked that we take on service projects wearing a bright green service hat so that people will start to recognize what Rotarians are doing in the community. He wants Rotarians to be known as 'people of action' and showed us a video of Rotary Internationals new ad campaign and RI's #1 goal to end polio in our time. When Rotary first took on the goal of ending polio in the world there were 1,000 cases a day, as of today there were only 10 cases. Our partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ensures that 'we can do this!'
DG Ron Gin wants us to think about what we can do in the community and share our good ideas with our Service Committee. He reminded us that our San Mateo County ambassador for the 'ShelterBox' project is our own Bob Doerr.  Rotary International's Rotoplast Project ensures that children born with a cleft lip will get the surgery they need and lead productive lives. The 'Roots of Peace' Project was started in a local club and is replacing landmines around the world with vines. In 2017 their goal is to replace 38 million landmines and plant Pepper Trees. The H2Open Doors Project will bring water to needed areas powered by solar.  DG Gin praised our Japan Youth Exchange Program and RI's Youth Exchange where High School Students learn about other cultures to encourage peace in the world. He mentioned the RYLA Program (Rotary Youth Leadership) and PRLS - Potential Rotary Leaders Seminar that fosters leadership in Rotary. 
District Governor Ron asked us to ask the question 'What does rotary making a difference mean to You?" He described his own involvement in the building of a bottle school in Guatemala when plastic bottles were utilized to build a school. He took his daughter along and showed her a different side of her dad and described how they bonded on the trip. Rotary has given him his daughter.  
Ron then went on to remind us of our history, Burlingame Rotary began on January 2nd, 1925 and has sponsored many other Clubs including San Bruno in 1947, Pacifica in 1962 and Half Moon Bay in 1971.  San Bruno club has sponsored South San Francisco Club, Millbrae, and San Francisco International Airport. Burlingame Rotary has had 3 past District Governors including Mary Janney.  Since 1925 our club has contributed $492,279 to the Rotary Foundation. District Governor Ron Gin congratulated us on our accomplishments and hope will continue to enjoy fellowship and fun.  He ended his program with a video outlining the amazing things Rotary has brought and continues to bring to the world and which brought many of us to tears of pride and a wish to do more. We wish you a great year 'Making a Difference' District Governor Ron Gin.