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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, September 2, 2020

High Gear Editor:  Mark Johnson

Meeting SummarY

12:15pm – opening BELL!
President Emily welcomed everyone, and we started with 28 participants on Zoom and grew to 34!
Mike Heffernan warmly and respectfully led us in the pledge (sitting or standing).
Invocation – led by the always creative and talented Cary Koh; he highlighted his beautiful 1 year old niece, Sarah, with 2 pictures: one pre-surgery where she was alone and the other photo post-surgery with a popsicle and smiling and getting better; in a video Sarah said her favorite color is “purple” (how appropriate considering the red vs. blue political season we are in…can’t we all get along and be one group); her 4 favorite words are: more, please, thank you; lots of wisdom from this extraordinary and gorgeous one year old!!!
  1. Guest of the Club: Mary Hunt (longtime friend of the Club and Chuck Voltz)…also, Maki was in attendance and fantastic to see him, his smile, and enthusiasm
  2. Pink Flamingo Flockings continue…Cheryl Fama was our first “client/victim”, then Jennifer Pence, and now 2 more on order. Order your flocking today and please share this with friends: (flocking website?)
  3. Events: Last week’s Happy Hour had Nancy Bush’s neighbor, famed bartender from San Francisco’s Buena Vista Café John Jeide, taught everyone how to make Irish coffees and regaled us with stories from the Buena Vista
  4. Car Talk: Everyone loved Mike Heffernan’s special Tuesday night Ferrari discussion. Coming up soon are the final two installments, one with Charlie Rosebrook and Alex Buljan hosting the last. (website/link?)
  5. Coming soon one evening: Fun with Fountain Pens hosted by Chuck Voltz
  6. Calling all collectors: Fritz wants to know if you are a collector and of what. Please drop him an email if you’d be willing to share. Everyone really enjoys special stories and amazing how many connections are made and lots of memories revisited! For instance, Fritz plus famed architect Jerry Winges shares common connections with architecture.  Please email Fritz at: (Fritz’s email address)
  7. Reminder to check the Burlingame rotary website for info about upcoming events (add Burlingame Rotary website)
  8. NEXT program committee meeting on Zoom October 6th at 8am…please everyone, join in; our program committee is so good that they already have speakers booked through January
  9. We proudly welcomed 2 new members to the Burlingame Rotary Club: Christine Krolik and Chris Mount-Benites
NEWSCAST: Fritz…this is World Coconut Day!!! We joyfully listening to an opening song: “…the lime in the coconut…Doctor…” (you had to be there to appreciate it…very hilarious!
  1. Famous coconut movie – Marx Brothers “The Coconuts” (4 Marx brothers and actually, Fritz, was the 5th sibling!!)
  2. Not so famous coconut movie – Donny and Marie Osmond in Hawaii for “Going Coconuts”
  3. Famous coconut songs:
    1. “Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” by Danny Kaye and Merv Griffin
    2. “Coconut Woman” by Harry Belafonte
  4. Non-Coconut humor: Sept 3rd is Sheryl Young’s birthday that she’ll celebrate with a beautiful nature walk on the Coast; Sheryl shares her birthday with some notables: Mafia figure Whitey Bulger and Hollywood star Charlie Sheen
  5. Fritz rightfully noted we have 2 famous S/Cheryls in our Club: Sheryl Young and Cheryl Fama (darn that first letter!); that brings up the famous musical group “The Shirelles” with their hits “Tonight’s the Night” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?”…our “Sheryl/Cheryls” are now working on a new joint song…we await with lots of enthusiasm!!
Donna Colson introduced our guest speaker, in recognition and celebration of Labor Day, Mark Burri, business manager and treasurer of Burlingame-based (Rollins Road) UA Local 467 Plumbers, Pipefitters and HVACR Service Technicians and Apprenticeship Training Center originally chartered in 1903. Mark is very active in our community and in local politics and will bring an interesting perspective on organized labor in San Mateo County.
Mark is a Burlingame native having graduated from Burlingame schools including Burlingame High School. He resides in Burlingame, jogs by Joe Galligan’s home, and he and his wife Samantha’s three children all attend Burlingame schools. Mark grew up as one of five kids in his family with his dad being a plumber. Mark has been a career plumber.
UA Local 467 serves 1,500 members and 150 contractors.
Mark started off with a history of unions – beginning in the 1800’s with the very first Labor Day rally. In 1882 in New York City 10,000 workers participated in a Labor Day rally. Congress in 1894 made Labor Day an official holiday and they are now celebrating the 127th anniversary of it.
He stated that among many benefits the union provides, most notably: minimum wages, 8-hour work day, health insurance and benefits, work breaks, unemployment insurance, American Disabilities Act, and Child Labor Laws. The Union offers curriculum for apprenticeship programs plus supports many charitable organizations with money, supplies, services and volunteering. They also sponsor at their Rollins Road facility a very needed and well-received twice-a-month food delivery program for 750 needy families. Joe Galligan noted he has seen a very, very long line of cars waiting to receive free food.
Attentive questions from our members and Mark’s responses include:
  1. With more of a need for machines and robots in the near future to perform some work functions, they are trying to keep up their skill sets for future and current work demands
  2. Tele-medicine is being used more and more and their workers use it and are happy with it
  3. Mark said their specific local union’s pension fund is in good shape as paid into by the employees and employers and currently 100% funded this year
  4. Years ago, College of San Mateo had trades classes but that has now shifted more to Foothill College with CSM being a partner with trades introductory programs
In appreciation for Mark’s presentation, President Emily said that our Club would donate, in our ongoing support for Polio Plus, 5 polio vaccines in his name…Mark was very appreciative and thanked Emily and our Club.
Meeting adjourned at 1:25pm
NEXT WEEK: we are “Dark” (no meeting next week due to the Labor Day Holiday)
(Please mention any other Club activities for next week including Friday’s Happy Hour)
New Members:
Christine Krolik:
Chris Mount - Benites
Meeting Recording Info
Access a recording of the meeting, including the pre-meeting banter here:
Passcode: q4+pYq3E
Car Talk Series
Mike Heffernan—Vintage Sports Car racing—Tuesday, September 1 @7pm
Charlie Rosebrook—American muscle cars—Tuesday, September 8 @7pm
Alex Buljan—Hillsborough Concours D'Elegance—Tuesday, September 15 @7pm
Check our website for more info.
Fun with Fountain Pens
Think fountain pens disappeared in the 1950s, replaced by the ballpoint pen? Think again! Fountain pens are alive, well, and in use around the world. Wait, you've never given a thought to fountain pens? No problem! Join San Francisco Pen Posse member, our very own Charles Voltz, for Fountain Pen Fun.
Coming September 22 @ 7pm. Check our website for more info.
Home Flockings
The flocks have been flying! Below are photos of our first two flockings. Details about home flockings and order info on the website.
Blood Drive Info
Rotary D5150 and the S. San Francisco Sister Cities Association are sponsoring a blood drive—we are asking you to share this information with your individual Clubs, your friends, your neighbors, families, any and all organizations about this drive.  This is a great way to put our networking to use and to help during this critical time—when blood is short everywhere.
Vitalant (formerly Blood Bank of the Pacific) needs our help—and we can step up with Service Above Self.
WHEN:  September 10, 2020
WHERE: S. San Francisco Community Center 33 Arroyo Drive, S. San Francisco, 94080
HOURS: 10AM to 3PM
Blood donations by appointment only. Sign up here.
Sep 09, 2020
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