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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, August 18, 2021

High Gear Editor: Mike Kimball

PATRIOTIC PANDEMONIUM:  Thirty or so tone-deaf Rotarians and guests, under the baton of Maestro RAY LARIOS, performed a polyphonic rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance, causing lapdogs to howl as far away as El Sobrante . . . BOB DOERR's invocation stirred a mixture of chocolates, Juliette Binoche, and maternal homilies into an uplifting elixir with the label "Take One at a Time" . . . Among the guests was PHILLIP LARSON, a long-time Burlingame Rotarian fondly remembered for the annual Club Barbecues held on the grounds of his Atherton residence . . . Good news: JERRY WINGES promises a September 29 program on architecture . . . More good news: PIERRE BOUQUET is feeling better, gratifying his many friends and admirers . . .  
AND MUCH, MUCH MORE:  In quick succession came break-out sessions (two);  BOBBA VENKATANDRI and FRANCES BOSCACCI's International Project (needed support for schoolchildren in an impoverished East Indian village);  and a BOB DOERR endorsed activity, the provision to Haitian earthquake victims of Shelter Boxes (1,000), each containing a tent, food, blankets---even coloring books!--sufficient to house, feed, and divert a family of four for a month . . . Next came the latest FRITZ BRAUNER brainchild, a verbal "chain letter" that started out this way: JENNIFER PENCE was asked where she would choose to live if not on the Peninsula.  (Jennifer opted for Sacramento, citing its restaurants, hiking trails, low prices, and other attractions.)  In turn, Jennifer posed the same question to JOHN DELANEY, who answered "Mallorca."  Then SUZANNE JUPTNER, under pressure, gamely confessed to a preference for Tuscany, MIKE KIMBALL mumbled something unintelligible, and LAGE ANDERSON saved the day, saying "Why can't people get along?" in response to the query "What question would you like to have answered?"
THE BEES' KNEES:  Few animals have been as productive of metaphors as the honeybee.  "Bee-lines,"  "Busy as a bee,"  "Sea-Bees" (Construction Battalions), "A bee in your bonnet," "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" . . .  The little beggars certainly are busy.  So said our speaker, fellow Rotarian and urban beekeeper Ray Larios, in fascinating detail . . .  Without their tireless foraging 80% of the produce would disappear from our pantries . . . Two million nectar-finding flights go into every pound of honey . . .   Bees are even productive of species, 25,000 in number.  The mind reels! . . . Their “waggle dance” (see attached) directs pollen-collecting expeditions to promising sites as far away as 6 kilometers . . . Under the proper conditions, honey is still edible 2,000 years after being produced . . . The worker bees willingly sacrifice their little lives to protect the queen . . .   No wonder these buzzing balls of energy are universally admired--almost as if they were slaving away of their own volition . . . But they aren't.  Which is why your correspondent finds them somewhat off-putting, with their automated larva factories and perfectly hexagonal honey combs, their miniature Singapores and Brave New Worlds where any deviation from the norm brings instant decapitation . . . As for your correspondent, it's about time for him to sprawl on his unmade bed for a while and stare at the ceiling. 
BUT BEFORE I GO:  Don't forget next week's program with JANET MARTIN of the Burlingame Studio Shop.  Her topic: "The Pandemic and the Art World" . . .  Then, on September 1 we'll hear from the ever-popular LISA GOLDMAN, Burlingame City Manager . . .  And on October 11 comes our Annual Golf Tournament at Greens Hills Country Club . . . Something for everyone!  Get with it!
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Aug 25, 2021 12:15 PM
Art and the impact of the pandemic on the art world
Art and the impact of the pandemic on the art world

In 1915, Dorothy and Ralph Crawford established The Studio Shop, which is now the oldest retail business in Burlingame. In 1955 John and Martha Benson purchased  The Studio Shop from the Crawford's niece. Since 1955 the Benson family has been Burlingame's favorite art gallery and picture framing business. In 1989, John and Martha's daughter, Janet, and her husband Carl Martin took over the reins of the business. Janet's sister, Kristen worked at the gallery for years and retired a few years ago.

 The Studio Shop is proud and grateful to be part of a wonderful community and feels strongly that it is important to give something back.

Janet will discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the art world and the importance of art in one's home and place of business.

Sep 01, 2021 12:15 PM
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