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A message from President Cheri Carr: Meeting Reminders: We meet every Wednesday of the month.

High Gear, August 21, 2019
President Cheri called the meeting to order and then lead us in our Pledge of Allegiance.  After her “thoughts of the day” she brought up Fritz Brauner to add a little levity to the meeting.
Fritz informed us that today was National Senior Citizen Day.  This, of course applied to a goodly portion of those assembled.  The fact that it was also National Spumoni Day may have been a bit more uplifting.  He announced the birthdays of two members who were not present; Emily Matthews and Mark Johnson.  Guess they were off celebrating.  Fritz also noted that this was the 60th Anniversary of Hawaiian Statehood.  He then asked if anyone knew how many islands comprised this state.  After several guesses, he stated that there were eight major islands and actually named them.
Jennifer Pence then introduced fifth year UC Merced student Nicole Quinoz.  Nicole began her association with our Rotary Club when she was an 8th grader at Burlingame Middle School.  She was one of ten students selected to participate in our Burlingame Scholar program during her four years at Burlingame High School.  As a graduating senior Nicole was awarded one of the Club’s 4-year scholarships which allowed her to attend UC Merced.  She gave a shout out to Jennifer whom she considers her big sister for all the support and encouragement she has provided over these many years.  After some technical difficulties with the laptop Nicole shared some of her college experiences.  She is a pre-med/public health major.  She has done much related volunteer work while in school.  Nicole did an internship at UC Davis’ Hugh Edmondson Research Center.  She also works in the UC Merced school lab.  In answer to a question from a member, Nicole stated her goal was to attend UC David Medical School.  Nicole is an inspiration and shows how Burlingame Rotary can change lives.
Our speaker of the day was our own Alex Buljan.  Alex gave us a tutorial of some of the most popular, useful and free applications for the phone.  One was an application that allows students and teachers to communicate, share course notes and other assistance.  If you are tired of trying to remember or create multiple passwords then you should download 1Password.  Don’t have time to read that article right now?  With Pocket you can store and save it for a later time when you can read it.  Alex did address the concerns over privacy and security.  He touched on dual authentication which is the most secure way to log into a sensitive site.  He talked about the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  90% of the current value is held by 1% of the population.  Questions from the membership revolved around ClubRunner, saving emails and texts in an efficient manner.
As we had already gone over the time, Cheri was brief in thanking Alex and then rang the bell!
On August 28th, our Speaker is Burlingame Rotary Member Chris Ramirez with Boston Bank and he will speak on Anti-Money Laundering...and bring a friend.
Aug 28, 2019 12:15 PM
Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering
Sep 11, 2019 12:15 PM
How 9/11 changed law enforcement
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