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Meeting of June 3, 2020
Editor: Marilyn Orr
President Chèri called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:20. There were 17 members and guests on the call.  There may have been some technical difficulties that prevented more members from joining.  Cheri than asked Andrew Comstock to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  She then provided some inspirational words around the current issues gripping our nation and community.
In our lifetime it would have been unthinkable to imagine what, as a nation and world, we would experience in the year of 2020.  Certainly, there is no greater example than what we have witnessed by the disturbing incidents over the last 8 days.
Sadly, a tragedy digressed into rage and violence by a small few.  It is ever more important now that we not lose sight of the many examples of kindness and selfless heroism that we also have witnessed.  There is a common good that over arches the efforts of a few during unspeakable acts of hatred and senseless violence.  We know our voices can be heard without hurting others, and when we unite “peacefully” great movements of change can happen…let us remember Martin Luther King showed us this very point by his own example.
President Chèri then asked us to unite in a moment of silence as we stand together as Rotarians and Americans to discourage violence and focus our energy on helping our nation to heal.
Sheryl Young gave us an update on our Rotary Giving program to benefit the workers at Par3 who faithfully made our lunch meetings possible.  We raised $4600 and Mike Heffernan delivered a check to Alicia Petrakis, the owner of Par3, to distribute to the six servers and kitchen staff who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and closing of the restaurant.  
President Chèri then recognized Rotarian Dennis Zell who was name Burlingame High School Alumni of the Year at the recent BHS Senior Awards Ceremony.  Congratulations Dennis.
Our Zoom Social Hour will resume this Friday, June 5th.  Chèri suggested that while you enjoy your special cocktail you also wear or display something in Rotary blue.
Karen Malekos-Smith introduced our speaker, Forrest Malakoff.  Forrest is the founder and CEO of Philos Health.  He gave us an update of their efforts improving the health of underserved, rural communities in the Philippines.  Burlingame Rotary participated with other Rotary clubs in 2018 with a global grant that helped to expand this effort.  His program began with a short video on the first clinic in Jagna, Bohol in the Philippines.  The organization, started in 2004, has developed a sustainable infrastructure for care that includes: primary care, dental care, nutritional support, and chronic care of diabetes and hypertension.
This clinic serves 1000 men, women and children a year.  With the visiting physicians they are able to provide annual follow-up care to these patients.  The first school-based free dental clinic was established to serve the Jagna children. None had ever seen a dentist, so cavities were rampant.  
In 2018, with financial help from several Rotary Clubs and other donors, a second dental clinic was established in another village primary school to serve additional children.  Like the first, it provides fluoride treatments three times a year as well as teeth brushing.  The students have one toothbrush at school and another for home use. Brushing is mandatory and done as a group with teacher involvement. A large hand-washing station was built at the school to ensure adequate hygiene.  There are also nutritional programs for the children since their diet rich in sugars and carbohydrates contribute to the dental problems.  This clinic is staffed with a full-time dentist and an assistant.  In addition, volunteers come to assist with treatments throughout the year.  Recently a Columbia dental student spent 9 months at the Boctol dental clinic.  In the past two years Philos has treated 9000 patients.  The dental care provided would have cost over $1,000,000 if performed here in San Mateo County.  Because so much of the work is done by volunteers who pay their own way, the cost to Philos is very low.
Philos would like to expand care to include younger children.  Five year-old children entering school arrive with a mouth full of cavities.  Ideally, they would like to see the initial visit at age six when the first teeth begin to erupt.  There are also plans to begin prenatal care for pregnant women with gingivitis an caries as these conditions can adversely affect the fetus.
Forrest then took some questions.  One member asked whether Philos got any assistance from WHO.  Forrest said no because they are so small.  They depend on small NGOs and private benefactors.  Another member asked about the source of the high sugar diet.  Soft drinks are a big contributor.  Also, candy is readily available.  The area is rich in fresh fruit and produce but it is all sold to earn a living rather than being consumed.  Forrest then gave a shout out to former Burlingame Rotarian Bob Hortop who was on the call.  Bob has been a longtime supporter and donor of Philos.  
President Chèri then presented Forrest Malakoff with the Rotary Polio Certificate.  Our next Zoom Rotary meeting will be Wednesday, June 10.  The speaker will be Nancy McGee, San Mateo County Superintendent of Education.
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