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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, March 3, 2021

High Gear Editor:  Marilyn Orr

As President Emily Matthews was taking a play date with her daughter Sophie, President-elect Joe La Mariana called the meeting to order at the stroke of 12:15.
Pledge of Allegiance: Joe then asked Joe Galligan to led us in the pledge.
Invocation: Rabbi Jay Miller read an excerpt from Mark Twain’s autobiography. “What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words? His real life is in his head and is known to none but himself. Biographies are but the cloths and buttons of the man.”
Jay agreed in part but also disagreed. He agreed that there is much more of a person then what we see. Yet, in the right arena, like Rotary, and with the right person, like a Rotarian, we can and do share with each other our deeper thoughts of who we are.
Announcements: Emily asked Joe to remind us of the following:
  • Happy Hour will be Friday at 5PM as usual.
  • Spring Golf Tournament with its Cinco de Mayo theme will be held Monday, May 3. We need golfers! The Fiesta Cart will rove the course with goodies and libations. Detail on our website.
    • www.burlingamerotary.org
Paul Harris Fellowship: Bill Tiedeman, our Rotary Foundation chair, had a presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship. The recipient was Marilyn Orr who earned a fourth Fellowship. Bill showed off the pin which contained three “sapphires” representing three additional awards after the initial Paul Harris. Bill asked Marilyn to comment on why she continues to support the Foundation. She noted her participation in the “Every Rotarian, Every Year” with an annual contribution. Marilyn mentioned the numerous worldwide efforts of the Foundation as well as the fact that dollars come back to our club in the form of District Designated Funds which can be applied to international projects of our choosing.
Breakout Rooms: Jennifer Pence was tasked with arranging the Zoom breakout rooms. We were all transported to small, random groups for 5-minute chats. This was done a second time. It was universally thought that the 5 minutes was too short a time. Food for thought!
Newscast +: Doug Person was our newscaster of the day. He delivered “Two Truths and a Lie.” Christine Krolik was the contestant. She presented three “events” from her life. We were asked to guess the lie. Our choices were:
  • I met my husband because he was dating my college roommate.
  • I played Dolly Levi in a production of Hello Dolly and Carol Channing was in the audience.
  • My mother-in-law was on television more than 5,000 times
And the lie was?
It turns out that Christine met her husband while standing in line at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. Thank you, Doug and Christine.
Program: Emily Beach introduced our speakers. Greg Boro is the Shoreline Park Project Director and Will Johnson the Project Manager. Both work for the SPHERE Institute, a not-for-profit policy research firm in Burlingame.
Shoreline Park - Burlingame is a collaboration between The SPHERE Institute and the San Mateo Resource Conservation District to transform a 9.4-acre vacant parcel of State-owned Bayfront land into a public nature and recreation park. The Project will restore tidal wetlands and transition-zone habitats currently absent from the Burlingame shorefront. It will also provide educational and recreational amenities, upgrade a section of the Bay Trail, and demonstrate to the public and the scientific community how green infrastructure can protect our Bayfront and complement future adaptation.
Will gave us a brief history of the site. This land mass was created in the 1950s by the Anza Corporation. It didn’t exist before then as it was part of the Bay. Anza filled that in creating 150 new acres. In the 1970s the State of California took over part of this parcel, including this Shoreline Park site.
SPHERE Institute’s proposal for converting this vacant land to a public park (rather than yet another hotel) was accepted in 2019 and they were awarded a short-term lease to carry them through the proposal and permit phases. They received a $1,000,000 grant to accomplish this early part of the project.
We were then shown several slides which illustrated what the proposed park would look like. The existing Bay Trail would wind through it. There would also be a dock for kite surfers at one end and a kayak launch on the Sanchez Creek side.
This public/private effort will cost around $18 - $20 million. There will be fundraising efforts and grant applications in the future to secure the funding. They hope to complete the preliminary phase by the end of 2023 and begin development by early 2024. The estimate construction period is about three years. So, in five or six years we could have a beautiful park to replace the weed invested plot that now exists.
President-Elect Joe then presented our speakers with their virtual certificate for five polio vaccinations donated in recognition of their visit to our Club.
The meeting was then adjourned.
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