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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, October 27, 2021

High Gear Editor: Michael Kimball

SELDOM IF EVER have the virtues of diversity shown their colors to such advantage as when, led by JIM SHYPERTT, 26 motley rotarians (no guests) recited the Pledge to open our meeting . . . A becomingly-costumed buccaneer (EMILY MATTHEWS) recited the invocation, a call to action from the pen of Mahatma Gandhi: she added, "Go out and do something good today!" .  . .  Acting President FRITZ BRAUNER was pleased to see Honorary Member ALDEN CUNNINGHAM in attendance . . . Then came pre-Hallowe'en awards for costumes.  BOBBA VENTKATADRI was the scariest-- in the robes of a holy man, with the black-dyed wig of Harpo Marx affixed to his jaw and evidence of a botched lobotomy on his forehead . . . Pirate Em and Fairy Godmother JENNIFER PENCE tied for prettiest, while Fritz, a gondolier/escaped inmate/Marcel Marceau, was Most Protean . . .  
CRIMESTOPPERS FLOCKED to the meeting, 2-way wrist radios at the ready, eager to hear Burlingame Police Chief MIKE MATTEUCCI, our clear-eyed, granite-jawed, straight-shooting embodiment of Law and Order . . .  At the sight of him, hardened criminals fall to their knees, begging for a second chance . . . Evildoers hand over their heaters, renounce thuggery, and sign on with the Army of Salvation . . . Chief Mike's topic could hardly have been more timely, "Active Shooters" (And How to Avoid Them) . . .  In modern times, one of the earliest perpetrators was Harold Unruh, who killed 13 in his April 6, l949 "Walk of Death" . . . Sixteen died at the hands of Charles Whitman, firing from the University of Texas Tower on August 1, 1966 . . . More recently, two disaffected students shot and killed 13 at Columbine High School in Colorado . . . Between 1993 and the current year, seven active shooter incidents have occurred in the Bay Area . . .
In all of these cases, as well as Parkland, Florida, lives could have been saved by wider understanding of Suspect Profiles, Warning Signs, and What to Look For . . .  The most striking statistic is that almost all active shooters (97%) are male . . . Most are in their twenties or forties (not as many, for some reason, in their thirties) . . .  And 75% did not acquire their weapons illegally . . . Those with college degrees are less likely to offend . . . Often, perpetrators plan for a month or more . . .  Characteristic personality traits and behaviors include unusually troubled interpersonal interactions, poor work or school performance, threats and confrontations, anger, aggression, risk taking, obsession with firearms, disturbing use of social media, and drug or alcohol abuse . . .  The severity and frequency of such aberrations should enable friends, relatives, caregivers, and others (i.e., "us") to take action before a tragic incident occurs . . .  What to do?  Contact the Behavioral Threat Assessment Team through the Pollce Department . . . 
If caught in an active shooter event, the Chief has very simple, direct advice: "Avoid Deny and Defend" . . .  In other words, get out of there.  If that's not possible, find a hiding place, preferably with a possible exit (as in a back room) . . . And finally, as last resort, fight back with any weapons you can find or fabricate . . .  Don't expect the police to help you if they are still seeking to neutralize the shooter . . . And do follow directions from public safety officers, especially since they may not yet know whom to suspect . . .  Oh, and be grateful that Chief Mike is there to protect us all . . .
COMING ATTRACTIONS:  Fun Fairies Party from 6 till 9 at 428 Occidental Avenue ("Chez Juptner"), San Mateo.  No cost and no RSVP.  What could be more inviting? . . .  Holiday party starting a 11:30 a.m., Sapore Italiano Restautante, 1447 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame. Cost: $40 per person. RSVP to Cheryl Fama (650) 504-1142 or cheryl.fama@peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org  
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ALPS:  Action Leadership Program with Students

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