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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, June 23, 2021

High Gear Editor: Suzanne Juptner

Mark Lucchesi reminded us that we, as Rotary, are committed to be a real service organization established to help humankind and to find joy in sharing, and caring, for those less fortunate than ourselves. The Rotary tenants of service, caring and sharing are those for us to give.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
None for today’s meeting.
Marilyn Orr reports that close to 120 guests have signed up for our club’s Filoli Garden Party this Sunday, June 27th from 4:00-6:30pm.
Annual Club Assembly Meeting     
President Emily kicked off Burlingame Rotary’s year-end club assembly. This assembly is the official wrap-up for 2020-2021 and committee chairs gave updates focused on last year’s accomplishments and next year’s goals. 
Member chat comments paint a picture of a very successful year, in spite of all the Covid limitations and challenges. Bob Doerr eloquently captured the feeling: ‘Anyone who watched this meeting has to be so impressed and moved by the heart and passion of all our members, and especially our leadership’. And Christine Krolik summarized a popular sentiment throughout the meeting: ‘Emily, you rock!’
Highlights of each groups’ presentation are summarized below, and you can also see the club assembly presentations here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/11cghktb55dj9kg/2020-2021%20Club%20Assembly.pdf?dl=0
Marilyn Orr provided our ‘Finances At-a-Glance”. Our club had an amazing year despite the lockdown and shelter-in-place. We made close to $70,000 this year, in large part due to President’s Emily’s tenacity and drive in making things happen - regardless. The Fall and Spring Golf Tournaments, President’s Club, and numerous flockings (the flamboyance of flamingos flown in/out by Emily and Wendi Upchurch) were the primary sources of funds. We spent close to $69,000 on Scholarships and Community Service projects, and we made a one-time donation of $25,000 for the Rotary Room in Burlingame’s new Community Center.
Rotary Foundation
Bill Tiedeman reviewed the overarching objective of the Rotary Foundation (RF), namely that it transforms our gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. The 75% RF funds fall into three categories: 1) preventing diseases 41%, 2) clean water 22%, and 3) education 13%. Burlingame Rotary funded $4,160 this past year, which is a bit short when compared to 2019. In addition to sponsoring projects, Bill stated that RF is a good way for the U.S. to create goodwill around the world, putting our nation in a positive light. Next year’s sponsorship goal of $200 per member remains the same, and Bill hopes to increase funding by improving and expanding participation among our club’s membership, especially among newer members.
Mike Heffernan and Jennifer Pence spearhead Scholarships, and Mike presented last year’s achievements among the three scholarship groups: Make-a-Difference (MAD), 4-Year Scholarships, and College Incentive Scholarships. MAD scholarships target community college CSM students and we provided $11,500 to 5 students, which was less than planned because of the 80 BHS students matriculating to CSM, only 2 students applied for scholarships. Mike said this was likely due to CSM applications decreasing by 40% this past year, combined with only 9% of CSM students transferring to 4-year colleges. 4-Year Scholarships were provided $35,000 to 8 students, of which 4 students are scholars that were selected in 8th grade and followed through by Rotary while at BHS. College Incentive Scholarships target current 8th graders who will graduate from high school in 2025, and we provided $4,500 to 9 BIS students.
Rotary International
Frances Boscacci reviewed our district giving expenditures: $2,000 to the Marin Evening Club in support of the Ecuador Microcredit Project and $1,000 to Redwood City’s Peninsula Starlight Club in support of the Uganda Water Project. She also briefed us on Burlingame Rotary’s first ever International Global Grant Application for school improvements in Ungutur, India. This opportunity came about through our very own Bobba Venkatadri, who kickstarted the process by making a $20,000 service fund donation to rebuild structure and invest in technology in his hometown’s high school. Frances said that the goal in 2022 is to have $50,000 available for the project, comprised of the original $20,000 donation, a matching $20,000 from RF and an additional $10,000 from other district clubs. More on all this next year!
Nancy Bush reviewed what we all know and enjoy – it has been an incredible year for guest speakers! Zoom meetings have allowed us to book speakers that we would usually not be able to engage, one of the very few positive outcomes of Covid. The multitude of speakers range among diverse topics such as 7 marathons/7 days/7 continents, Urban Chicken Raising, San Mateo Historical Society, several medical speakers, hackers on the Internet, to name a few. Our own members proved again that some of our best programs are from our very own, including Paul Watermulder’s recollections of being a street cop, Mike Kimball interviewing Fritz, and Emily Beach’s experience in the armed forces. We also held online tributes for Duffy Offield and Basil Emery. Wingy Tuesdays became a thing, where we learned about cars, fountain pens, Mercer tiles and how to make Irish Coffee from a Buena Vista bartender. The Program Committee monthly meeting via Zoom have been so successful, that Zoom meetings will continue to be the on-going format, which meet the 1st Tuesday of every month at 8 am. Contact Nancy for the Zoom link if you want to join.
Community Service
Cheryl Fama provided the update for Community Service and said that the group’s goal during Covid was to diversify our efforts among our community and to reach children, head of households, and isolated seniors/seniors living in high risk Covid environments. The impact made in the community was substantial, literally extending to hundreds of people of all ages. The group funded $14,120 of projects, including 450 holiday gift cards for children, Valentine’s Day flowers at a senior care facility, library books, donating to Rebuild Together, Sonrisas Dental Health and the Intergenerational Cookbook.
High Gear
Marilyn Orr, in her role as High Gear Coordinator, thanked the editors for their contributions throughout the year: Frances Boscacci, Lisa Goldman, Mark Johnson, Suzanne Juptner, Mike Kimball, Marilyn Orr, Guy Smiley and Paul Watermulder. Also, special thanks to Chris Ramirez, the High Gear Publisher, who pulls all the content together and distributes week after week. Marilyn said that we will have a sign-up for those interested in writing a High Gear next year and that any level is appreciate – even if it’s only once to see if you like doing it.
Joe La Mariana, standing in for Doug Persons, provided the Membership update. This year’s new members are community leaders Mike Matteucci, Chris Mount-Berrites, Christine Krolik, Donna Colson, and Bobba Venkatadri. Our newest member, Ray Larios, was introduced by Marc Friedman and Ray expanded on his background, telling us he is originally from Honduras, has lived in Burlingame for 3.5 years, works for the State Department and is service oriented. Joe wrapped up reminding everyone about the Fireside Chats, which is a great way to introduce prospective and new members to our club culture, friendships and learn about the various committees. It’s coming back soon, so keep an eye out!
Fritz Brauner and Jennifer Pence did a Newscast+ review, and ultimately had to settle on six past highlights that we all enjoyed this past year: Pet-o-Rama, Lightening Scavenger Hunt, Two Truths and a Lie (Christine Krolik and Doug Persons), Vaccine Incentives, Member Interviews, and Fritz’s specialty - National Days.
Paul Watermulder, who showed up in Zoom person with Emily, reflected on how invocations have changed since he joined the club. In the past, invocations had more of a religious tone, but they have changed over time to be more inspirational in nature. He noticed a thread of commonality emerge after compiling last year’s invocations, namely the theme centers around character and leadership. Paul will be sharing our 2020-2021 invocations – look for the link in a separate email. And thank you, Paul, for doing this for all of us!
Soon-to-Be, Now President Joe Comments
Joe La Mariana provided a few closing comments after Emily peacefully transferred her presidential power to Joe.  Welcome back, President Joe 2x! First in-person club meeting is scheduled around September 1st, location to be determined. Board meetings will now take place every 4th Thursday of the month and will continue to take place via Zoom (November’s BOD meeting will be postponed to 12/1 due to Thanksgiving). Joe thanked the retiring BOD members and introduced the 2021-2022 BOD: Emily Matthews, Fritz Brauner, Nancy Bush, John Delaney, Cheryl Fama, Joe Galligan, Mark Johnson, Suzanne Juptner, Carey Koh, Christine Krolik, Marilyn Orr, Jennifer Pence, Chris Ramirez and Wendi Upchurch.
Our next meeting is July 14th because we are dark on the 7th due to the 4th.
View the recording here:
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The flocks have been flying! Below are photos of our first two flockings. Details about home flockings and order info on the website.































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This is going to be fun–you don't want to miss it!

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