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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, January 20, 2020

High Gear Editor:  Michael Kimball

High Gear
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Editor: Michael Kimball
President Emily Matthews began the meeting at 12:15 by ringing her great-grandmother’s bell.
THIS WEEK Suzanne Juptner led us in a brisk Pledge of Allegiance.  She has it down pat. . . .  Paul Watermulder's invocation gave us much-needed guidance after a head-spinning "six months of history compressed into two weeks."  Inauguration Day, he reminded us, is a time "to renew the new vision and vitality of our country's commitment and our personal commitment to a nation of high vision and vitality."  Paul recited the familiar, stirring words engraved on the Statue in New York Harbor:  "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.  I lift my lamp beside the golden door." 
. . . AND MUCH, MUCH MORE:  President Em, undeterred by civil and viral strife, announced that the Spring Golf Tournament/Fiesta, high point of the social season, will return in May, this time with a Cinco de Mayo coloration.  Reserve your place poco tiempo. . . . Recalling last year's Filoli program, Marilyn Orr reported that the garden is in bloom and open to visitors.  Construction on the vaunted vegetable patch moves forward apace. . . .  Donna Coulson recommends virtual attendance at the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year festivities January 27.   Four exemplary youths will deliver "inspirational and aspirational speeches" in hopes of proceeding on to regional, statewide, and national competitions. . . .We will pass over President-Displaying IMG_2003  John C copyAAAAAA.JPGElect-Elect Fritz Brauner's Newscast, an Inaugural pop quiz, in dignified silence. . . . Jim Shypertt joined us in mourning the death of John Chiapelone, Burlingame Rotary President, 1975-76.  He was the universally admired proprietor of the red brick Burlingame Garden Center on Chapin Avenue. . . . The ever-lively Peter Camarato will be missed.  He has resigned from the Club, but the door remains open for his return, says Club Secretary Orr.  
In Memory of John Chiapelone:
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TODAY'S PROGRAM:  Those of us in attendance, twenty-four Biden-besotted Rotarians, enjoyed a pre-Inauguration of our own.  Suzanne Juptner interviewed Joe La Mariana, Burlingame president-elect, 2021-22.   Our Club is in good hands for the coming year.  Joe is a true Renaissance Man--or would be, if solid waste management were a Quatrocento vocation . . . Born in Long Island, N.Y., Joe grew up, if you can call it that, in Los Altos. . . He attended Chico State, where, in 1978, he met and fell instantly in love with Terri, his winsome but undiscerning wife. . . .  Suzanne's interview revealed much more, but a pall fell over the proceedings when we found out that Joe has already served a term as Rotary President, only 12 short years ago. . . .  This chilling fact raised grave doubts about Joe's mental and emotional fitness.  Fortunately, these were erased when he answered the obvious question, "Why?"  Without hesitation, Joe reminded us of a venerable Rotary principle, one printed at the bottom of this High Gear
NEXT WEEK:  Send photos of your treasured dogs, cats, and trained seals to Fritz for inclusion in next week's First Annual Pet-O-Rama.  Awards will be liberally bestowed, categories to include Best Name, Most Comely, Oldest, Youngest, Smallest, Largest, and a host of others, products of the fertile Braunerian forebrain.  
DON'T BE A ZOOM-BIE!  When you join a Zoom meeting, be sure you are muted.  To do this, click the microphone icon in the lower left corner of your screen until a forward slash appears.  When you want to be heard, click again.  (The slash magically disappears!)  Then, when you've had your say--and this is the most important step--CLICK AGAIN.  Nobody needs to hear your cocker spaniel, your rambunctious offspring, or the bill collector banging on your neighbor's door.     
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