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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

High Gear Editor: Michael Kimball

The meeting started at 12:15 with ding of grandma’s bell.
Welcome:  By President Emily Mathews
AD LIBITUM:   When you need an off-the cuff invocation, call on a world-class expert, in our case the Reverend PAUL WATERMULDER:          
Three things I believe to be true:
  1. God created all of us to be one family and that we are all in this thing called “life” together.
  2. Since we are all related, we are meant to listen to each other, grow from each other, help and care for each other.
  3. Rotary is an excellent place for these things to happen!  
COMING (and other) ATTRACTIONS: Friday Happy Hour continues unabated and will occur this week on Annual "Dance Like a Chicken" Day.  We expect a reading by PIERRE BOUQUET of selected passages from The Egg and I...  SUZANNE JUPTNER guarantees a memorable after-hours evening at the Filoli Estate, June 27 from 4 to 6:30 p.m.  Reserve your place (and pay up) on the Burlingame Rotary website... The Tres de Mayo Golf Tournament was such a success for 85 Rotarians (and other swingers) that MARILYN ORR has announced a rematch on October 10.  First man CARY KOH will provide further details on both next week... BOBBA VENKATADRI asks that we remember our fellow Rotarians and the hundreds of thousands imperiled by the Covid-19 pandemic in India... Welcome and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. DOUG PERSON, who have moved, and none too soon, from Frisco to Foster City... The endlessly inventive "Newscast Plus" team of Brauner/Pence dreamed up a variation on the ever-popular scavenger hunt: find something an eighteen-year-old JOE LAMARIANA might have gifted his loving mater on Mother's Day.  Suggestions included a bottle of Chianti, a Bellini opera recording, and a limerick with a next-to-unrhymable ingredient--about which more below... 
OUR SPEAKERS:  We had not one but two, MALKA KOPELL and PALMA STRAND, brought to us by DOUG PERSON, a former student of the latter at Creighton University, the Jesuit institution in Omaha, Nebraska... Malka and Palma are co-founders of Civity, an organization devoted to reconciliation in this time of widespread incivility... They employ eclectic techniques for conflict and dispute resolution, including workshops based on the novel premise that open-minded individuals can transform communities... Conversation in a risk-free setting is a key element, with a concentration not merely on "bonding" persons of like backgrounds, but on "bridging" the gaps separating our increasingly diverse citizenry...  Malka and Palma cited success stories involving community college executives and the "human library" in Redwood City, where participants assume identities borrowed from favorite books to refocus potentially fractious interactions... Malka's and Palma's presentation sparked a lively question-and-answer session, a sure sign that Doug's colleagues had hit the mark... 
WHAT DID WE LEARN TODAY, EM? Luciano Pavarotti is to middle aged females what dinosaurs are to 9-year-old schoolboys...   Twenty-first century technology is indeed a miracle: It brought one of our speakers (Palma) to us from Arlington, Virginia and back again, all in a trice... "Civity" is a made-up word for "reconciliation through community building"... "Neologism" (not a made-up word) is a word for "a made-up word"... "Sporange," something to do with plant spores, rhymes with "orange"... And a "brownrigg" is a quick witted, limerick-making City Councilperson and former Mayor... 
NEXT WEEK:  Our speaker will be Theo Ellington with an update on his talk to us in December 2019.  Topic: The Salvation Army initiative on homelessness...  
We join in mourning the death from Covid-19 of Genesis Montano, husband of fellow Rotarian Delia Montano.  Our prayers go out for Delia, her family, and the soul of the departed.  Funeral arrangements will be announced by email as soon as available.
Link to Zoom recording for the meeting:
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