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Welcome President Cheri Carr
April 22, 2020 ZOOM Meeting
Alden Cunningham – Summarizer
Welcome:  Mary welcomed everyone and ran the meeting for President Cheri who had an important call from a client in Denmark that required her attention.  32 members were in attendance including at least 13 past presidents.
Pledge of Allegiance:  Emily Matthews
Invocation: Mary delivered the invocation and reflected on the many positive community service programs the club has executed like the Memory Café, the golf tourney fundraiser, and how quickly we transitioned to ZOOM meeting formats, and the revival of the High Gear Newsletter. 
These all required “teamwork”.
“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” Amy Poehler
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller
Visiting Rotarians: Frank Hunt, Doug McGeorge, and Stan Moore
Guests of Rotary: Mary Hunt
Announcements/Housekeeping Items:
New Member David Gonzales, who is a Branch Manager at Comerica Burlingame branch, referred by Marilyn Orr and Sheri DeLacy.
The Rotary Giving Program as it pertains to the Par3 wait staff support had at last report collected $400 and its committee will meet in May to review the status of giving for that project.
Rotary Birthdays in the latter half of April include Fritz Brauner, Marc Friedman, Alex Buljan, and Mariya Shklovskaya.
Rotary Anniversaries in the month of April include Fritz Brauner with 34 years, Carol Tanzi with 32 years, Peter Comarato with 24 years, Nancy Bush with eight years, Mariya Shklovskaya with three years, and Christopher Ramirez with one year.  Congratulations to all of you.
Newscast: The Newscast team is currently practicing social distancing.
Program Summary: 
Fritz Brauner and Emily Matthews ran the President’s Club Presentation meant as a special program not done since 2010 to show respect and honor our Past Presidents.  THANK YOU TO FRITZ AND EMILY for providing our first virtual Past President’s Day that shows the blood, sweat and tears that all past presidents have given to make the Rotary Club of Burlingame the best that it can be as presidents build on the accomplishments of the presidents that have preceded them.  The following reminiscences create a sort of Collage drawn from surveys done in this year, 2010, and 1995:
  • So far six women have led the club with Carol Tanzi serving for 18 months instead of 12.Thanks Carol.Mary Janney served as the first women District Governor.
  • Presidents have represented a broad array of professions including lawyers, realtors, dentists, city managers, and CEOs all of which bring special talents to leading the club.
  • Mark Johnson was accused of being a high school cheerleader, which he denied while being driven around Palm Springs/Palm Desert (first known Zoom meeting participant who attended a Zoom Meeting while in a moving vehicle).
  • Dick Gregory was mentioned for his effort to add a hiking club to the book club initiative, which resulted in finding himself and his dog as the only ones on the hike.
  • Presidents have generally said that they were really glad the year was over and apparently in most cases the club was equally glad.
  • Marilyn Orr’s first meeting at which she entered as a toreador accompanied by a pink bull because the RI Convention was in Barcelona that year also was memorable because Ted Kruttschnitt stole her agenda.This seems to have been a fairly standard way for club members to get incoming club presidents off to a good start as some version of this happened to Frank Hunt who wanted to be a good president by being prepared then Teddy K. stole his notes – oh well!
  • Chuck Voltz opined that for his year things seem to have gone so quickly during the year but for the club members the year seem to drag on forever
  • Scott Hartley’s advice for incoming presidents is that managing expectations is important so be president after Mike Kimball (how wrong this was since Mike was undoubtedly a great club president)
  • For Frank Hunt the best title was Past President.
  • Two pranks over the years have become near legends.When Don Acton was club president, the program involved the Fire Department demonstrating the “Jaws of Life”.When club members moved out to the parking lot for the demonstration, there was an old clunker (donated by Mike Harvey) parked which seemed at least to Don that this was the demonstration car so he instructed the Fire Department to do their thing on that car.Suddenly a young man ran up to the car screaming “what are you doing to my car.I am going to sue you”.Don started sweating bullets.However, the young man was an actor and everyone had a good laugh at Don’s expense.Early in Mark Johnson’s year as president at age 31, he came in to the club with the guest speaker and no one was there.He sat down with the speaker in the empty room thinking so this is the kind of support the club is going to give me. Around 12:45 all the club members streamed in.They had been hiding in the bar.
  • Also during Mark’s year he was fooled by a fake speaker, an alleged engineer, who droned on forever about all the details of a car’s motor.
  • Many presidents when asked what they would do differently indicated that they wished for a year where the RI Convention was in a better city.
  • Other presidents indicated that the best thing about being president was knowing his or her successor would be worse.
  • Ted Kruttschnitt was the “most past” past president at the meeting on April 22.
  • For the great Dave Carr, the best thing was not having to pay for lunch
  • Vic Mangini, 1962-63, was a legendary past president who served on the city council for 20 years and was mayor four times.He even had a street named after him.In those days early leavers were fined 25 cents and this was doubled to 50 cents during Vic’s year as president.
  • Sheryl Young had a lesson learned story something to do with removing a license plate and auctioning it off at the end of the meeting.
  • Lage Anderson’s meetings were reputed to be the most fun and one of the hotel’s that the club met at had food so bad that Rotarians would order in pizza.
  • Regarding regrets, Past President Joe LaMariana threw a roll and accidentally hit poor Dennis Zell in the head with it.
Thanks to Jim Shypertt for providing photos for the meeting
Mary closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and alerting members that next week’s speaker would be David Upchurch who will speak about the FDA processes and COVID -19.
High Gear Written by: Alden Cunningham
Edited by: Fritz Brauner, Emily Matthews, and Marilyn Orr
Photos by: Jim Shypertt
Published by: Chris Ramirez
Homage to Past Presidents:
May 20, 2020
The Economic Landscape of San Mateo County
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Marilyn Orr
April 1
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April 3
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April 3
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April 7
Goddess of Garbage Tanzi
April 9
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April 12
Fritz Brauner
April 17
Marc Friedman
April 21
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April 26
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April 29
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