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Volume 1 | Issue 1

Welcome to another issue of our weekly High Gear! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, and last meeting.
Pledge and Invocation
President Mike opened the meeting and asked newly wed, John Delaney to lead the club in the pledge of allegiance. Congrats John.
Ms. Frances Boscacci gave us a very uplifting Invocation as only she can, with a smile and a very positive attitude.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests of the Club
No visiting Rotarians were found.  Alex Bujian made his third visit to the club (is there a new member in the making?). Marc Friedman introduced Terri Boesch, Executive Director of CALL Primrose. Karen Malekos-Smith asked us to say hello to David Pinter, the national sales specialist for Atria Senior Living. Nancy Bush introduced Cal Eitel, Fire Captain with San Mateo Fire Department and John Kammeyer, Fire Chief with Central County Fire Department.
After numerous threats and glaring stares four members decided it would be best to join President Horror….I mean Horwitz…President’s Club. The fines will now be a thing of the past for the following members: Nancy Bush, Dennis Zell, John Delaney and yours truly…Mary Murphy.
President Mike gave up the microphone for a brief moment to give Mary Murphy and long-time member Maki Kobayashi, newly returned from the Land of the Rising Sun, an opportunity to thank the Club for their recent visit to Edogawa Japan with the Japanese Student Exchange Program. Domo Arigato, Burlingame.
Announcements continued...
Terri Boesch, from had some exciting news to share with our club concerning helping to end local hunger in our area. The Kruttschnitt Charitable Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000 per donor from now until September 1st 2017 by the up to an aggregate of $75,000. Having raised over $84,000 towards a goal of $150,000 Terri let us know that for many lo-income families in our community summer can be a time of great difficulty and worry. A staggering 35% of children enrolled in San Mateo County schools qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, with parents relying on these meals to help nourish their children. During the summer months these lunches are not available, creating a significant meal gap for the families who depend on them. CALL Primrose steps in, providing free grocery supplies, year-round, to those in need. Many of our members wrote a check. Thanks Terri for all you and your organization do for the community and thanks, Ted.
Nancy Bush introduced today’s speakers who she assured us ‘do more than put out fires’ - Cal Eitel, Fire Captain with San Mateo Fire Department and John Kammeyer, Fire Chief with Central County Fire Department. Chief Kammeyer described the mission of the Fire Department as ‘Service to the Community’ and he is responsible for the budget and finance for Burlingame, Hillsborough and Millbrae. He attends council meetings and works with City Managers Kathy Laroux and our own Lisa Goldman. There are 6 stations, two in each city and his budget is $24 million. 30% of the expenses met by Millbrae and the remaining money split between Burlingame and Hillsborough 60/40.
Cal Eitel, Fire Captain with San Mateo Fire Department works downtown San Mateo and described  the ideal firefighter:190 lbs, 6 ft tall, and remarkably intelligent 40 – 50% of firefighters are left-handed (Cal included).
Captain Eitel said paramedics are included on all engines and that they are mandated to treat everyone ‘like you would treat your grandmother.’ in the fire 1979 2,700 calls now there are 10,000 calls in San Mateo. Any calls that come in are dispatched within 45 seconds and 3 firefighters will show up. Captain Cal demonstrated the correct way to use a fire extinguisher and advised us to place the extinguisher in the direction of ‘exit travel.' He used the acronym: PASS…P = Pull the Pin, A = Aim the extinguisher, S = Squeeze the Trigger, and S = Sweep the base of the fire (Peter Camaroto thought S stood for Scream).  90% of all home fires start in the kitchen or the garage.
Fritz Brauner wanted to know what kind of fire extinguisher he should buy. Cal told him to buy a 2A 10B.  A means a simple combustible fire, B means a flammable liquid fire and C represents an electrical fire.
Captain Cal reminded us to call the Fire Department if the oven is on fire…do not open the door. Karen Malekos-Smith questioned him as when it was appropriate to shelter in place or evacuate and Captain Cal said it depended on the emergency and on the facility. Nancy Bush had a question about pets and what to do for them in a fire. Captain Cal assured her that fire fighters will try to save a pet but it depends on the risk.
One last reminder from both men – please remember to change the battery in your smoke detector.
Russell Hampton
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A Fond Goodbye
We’d like to pay tribute to long-time Burlingame Rotary Member, Rosalie McCloud who has been the reliable and enthusiastic editor of our High Gear Newsletter for many years. Rosalie has moved to Southern California and we thank her for her dedication to the club and wish her bon voyage.
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