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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

High Gear Editor: Christine Krolik

President Joe called the meeting to order at 12:15pm
Attendance was split between in-person and online participants.
Meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.
Lena provided the invocation with moving words about her native Ukraine and the tragedy that is unfolding there. She quoted Walter Conkite: “ War itself is a form of madness. It’s hardly a civilized pursuit. It’s amazing how we spend so much time inventing devices to kill each other, and so little time working on how to achieve peace. Perhaps if all the people in the world understand what war really means, we would eliminate it.”
Lena then read the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and asked us all to pray for the people in Ukraine and the refugees, that they may live in peace in return to their home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukranian people, and hopes for a quick end to this brutal war.
Guests of Club: HPD Chief Doug Davis (today’s speaker), accompanied
Sunshine Report:
  • Nancy Bush’s sister doing better, “prayers are working”
  • Pierre online, good to see him attend
  • District Service Day at Coyote Point a success. Clean up and restoration project that got rid of some invasive species. Got to meet our District Governor in person. Thanks to all who participated.
  • Next week: April 20th meeting will be at ShorewayCenter, tour and boxed lunch provided. RSVPS to Marilyn requested so that Joe can plan. Wear sensible shoes. Take Ralston exit, not Holly St.
  • FUNraiser, Sat, April 30th: Come Fly with Me Over the Rainbow, cocktails, cabaret, dinner, Krolik’s backyard in Hillsborough, suggested donation: $125 for 1, $200 for 2
Committee reports:
  • Scholarship Committee, Emily
    • Preparing for interviews next week
    • Awards night upcoming
  • Rotary International Foundation
    • Paul Harris pins have arrived, will be distributed
  • International Projects, Frances
    • Saturday is San Mateo Egg-travagansa in Central Park, Frances will be flipping pancakes, ome on out!
Fellowship: Our online conversation was a fascinating exchange between Mark Luccesi and Pete Wenger talking about their experience in radio. We all want to know more about this!
Mark Luccesi’s podcast, “Burlingame” It’s a Small Town,”is  done in conjunction with the Burlingame Historical Society, and the link is on our website.
Jennifer conducted a recognition of National Plan Your Epitaph Day, April 6th. (NOTE: WE SHOULD PUT UP ONE OR TWO OF HER TERRIFIC SLIDES HERE). She showed numerous humorous epitaphs, ranging from “We finally found a spot to park in Georgetown” to Merv Griffin’s “I will not be right back after this message” to Mel Blanc’s “That’s All, Folks!”
Both Chief Mike Mattucci and Christine Krolik introduced our speaker, Hillsborough Police Chief Doug Davis, who has served as HPD Chief since 2018. He has held many leadership positions within San Mateo County, including Commander of SWAT and Gang Task Force teams. Of note (and we may try to recruit him for a future program), the Chief volunteers with animal conservation groups, and spent a month in 2017 involved in anti-poaching operations for African rhinos.
Chief Davis’s presentation focused on recent burglaries here on the Peninsula. Criminal activity has evolved from amateur attempts to more sophisticated operations. 
  • Top tips to “harden” your home to discourage burglars:
    • Make it look like you are home. Leave on lights, perhaps tv/radio on timers
    • Lock your doors, have an alarm system and set it every time you leave home.
      • 85% of successful burglaries are due to unlocked doors or no set alarm
      • Response time by police is faster if your alarm is tied directly to the HPD system, rather than through a security service.
    • Install security cameras and use them
    • Lock doors and windows on second story as well as ground floor
    • Use “security laminate” or window film to make glass harder to break
    • Install a safe, bolted to wall or floor, not in primary bedroom area/closet
    • Call police anytime you witness something that “doesn’t look right”
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm


Apr 13, 2022 12:15 PM
Burglaries and how to help prevent them
Burglaries and how to help prevent them

Are burglaries in our area becoming more frequent? Are the thieves getting more sophisticated? Hillsborough Police Chief Doug Davis will share the latest data and give us guidance on how to “harden” our homes and make them less attractive to the bad guys.

Apr 20, 2022 12:15 PM
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