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Welcome President Cheri Carr
President Cheri started the meeting by greeting everyone.
Mary Murphy - pledge of allegiance. Mary informed us that we had 28 participants.
Meetings will be via ZOOM for the time being.
Invocation by the president Cheri: “We are dealing with an unprecedented times now. Take a moment and think of a memory when you were impacted by someone’s act of a kindness. Let us be grateful that we have a memory today and remember this kindness.”
We initiated rotary giving. PAR 3 staff is really nice to us. Cooks, servers are really affected by today’s situation. Please donate to support them. This is our 2nd fundraising. Cheryl Young and Cheryl Fama are in charge of this fundraiser.
Sheryl Young: Proud of the Rotarians who supported the PAR3 staff. Last day of giving is May 12. Marilyn will take any type of a payment. Even a few dollars will help. As of today 24 Rotarians donated $3100.
President Cheri: Step outside, take care of your health. We’ll continue our meetings via ZOOM. We record them. You could share with your family, friends. Invite friends, let Mary know in advance about guests.
President Cheri introduced Lance Kelly, CTO of Apollo Health, company located in Burlingame. Lance gave an overview of the company that is one of the first co. that bridges medical research, technology and healthcare. The company is advanced in reversing memory loss and improving brain health. Lance met Dr. Bredeson, world renowned researcher in Alzheimer’s disease, 6 years ago in LA. Dr. Bredeson is a Chief Science officer at Apollo. He graduated from CalTech, MD from Duke University, chief resident in neurology at UCSF, National Institute of Health postdoctoral fellow, faculties at UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, directed a program at Birnham institute, directed Buck institute prior to Apollo.
Dr. Bredeson gave an overview of an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. He mentioned that many risk factors of COVID-19 could lead to Alzheimer’s. Obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease could lead to a poor outcome of COVID-19. The only difference with Alzheimer’s and COVID-19 is a few years’ vs couple of weeks.
Dr. Beneson and Apollo work on the Reversal of Cognitive Decline. Since 2016 they trained more than 1500 physicians in USA and all over the world to identify and reverse cognitive decline. The `Bay Area is the world center of disruption, examples: Facebook, Google, etc. It’s technology but not medicine.
Alzheimer’s is a sad state of affair. The earlier you start the easier to reverse. He recommends everyone older than 45 to have Cognoscopy test, like after the age of 50 you go for colonoscopy. It’s a simple blood test as well as an online cognitive test. Different subtypes of Alzheimer’s toxic, inflammatory, and atrophic. Usually MD gives a prescription that doesn’t help to reverse memory loss. MD makes a note in the chart about memory loss, patient can’t buy long term insurance. The experts don’t do genetic testing. There are more than 30 genes that are responsible for cognitive decline.
ApoE3, ApoE4, etc., systemic inflammation should be checked, ability to detoxify and metabolize drugs should be checked as well as fasting insulin. Insulin resistance patients are at high risk, gut health. The assumption is that if you gut Alzheimer’s it’s irreversible.  Drugs don’t work 244 clinical trials in 10 years, one that succeeded. 243 out of 244 failed. He compares it to the “Game of Thrones”. Something is fundamentally wrong. We need a paradigm shift to treat the 3rd leading cause of death. Cardiovascular disease #1, cancer #2, Alzheimer’s #3. And it’s on the rise. We are in the Bay Area, the world Center for paradigm shifts.
Summary of 30 years of research
Chronic illnesses and body response to them, osteoporosis: osteoblasts (bone building cells) and osteoclasts (bone destroying cells), with aging more osteoclasts, same is with cancer (cytoplasts and cytoplasts). 6 subtypes of Alzheimer’s. Membrane of the brain cell has APP (Amyloid Precursor Protein) which is a master switch that monitors inflammation, nutrients levels, etc. Dr. Beneson explained the mechanism by which APP regulates and controls the inflammation, gum tissue inflammation is a risk factor that increases risk of Alzheimer’s.  In the mouse it’s easier to control protective response, in a human brain it’s more complicated.
They took a different approach of treating Alzheimer’s. 2/3 of patients have memory loss, 1/3 of patients have difficulty with organizing, dressing.
They have documentary about successful cases.
MoCA test, very simple test, AQ test, CNS-VS verbal memory test. ApoE-4 is a gene, lipoprotein that carries fat in your body, the god gene, during the evolution from ApoE we got ApoE4. If you have Apo E4 you are prone to Alzheimer’s. It has to do a lot with the inflammation, we are eating things full of microbes, cooked, and we fight less. ApoE4 is caring around fat, binds to receptors, goes inside cell, interacts with molecules, that is about inflammation, goes inside your DNA and binds to 1700 different places on your DNA, changes your DNA is read. It’s reprogramming your cells.
The perfect Alzheimer’s drug will need a protocol. We need to train new kind of physicians. Old Chinese doctor’s vs new physicians who are tech trained. We have a wide window during mild cognitive impairment when we can reverse Alzheimer’s.
First clinical trial will end in November 2020, 6 subtypes of Alzheimer’s.
We have to stop the global problem of dementia.
Q: How we can get tested?
A: Mycognoscopy.com you could get blood test that won’t go into your med chart and won’t affect your med coverage
Q : Ginkgo Biloba Increases blood flow to the brain?
A: Inflammation, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, we drop oxygen saturation at night, check on iPhone oxygen saturation, poor dentition organisms can find way to your brain.
Q: Will brain vitamins help?
A: Nutrients and vitamins are very important but they won’t work by themselves.
Q: Is it good to be in ketosis?
A: In Alzheimer’s there is an energy gap, ketosis helps to bridge the gap. Patients have more energy and think more sharply
Visit the website Appolohealthco.com for more information
Cheri: Rotarians please create new memories today.
Mary will send recording of today’s meeting. Mary could send recording to non-Rotarians who are interested. Reminder: Social hour is on Friday @5pm.
Meeting adjourned.
May 20, 2020
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