Burlingame’s Got Talent: Call for Performers

bgt-call-for-performersWelcome one and all to Burlingame’s Got Talent Show Extravaganza! We're excited to announce that we're searching for talented individuals to join us in a night of spectacular performances. Whether you're a singer, dancer, magician, comedian, or have another unique talent, we want you on our stage!
Unleash Your Talent: All Ages and Types Welcome
We believe everyone has a gift, and our goal is to create a diverse and entertaining lineup of performers. That's why we're welcoming performers of all ages and talents. So, don't hesitate–this is your chance to shine and share your passion with an appreciative audience.
Not a Burlingame Resident? No Problem!
You don't have to be a Burlingame local to showcase your talent at our event. We welcome participants from near and far because we believe talent knows no boundaries. So, if you've always dreamed of performing on stage, don't let your location hold you back.
The Application Process: How to Enter
Ready to join the fun? Here's what you need to do to secure your spot in our talent show:
Complete the Application Form
To begin, simply fill out the online application form with your personal details, a brief description of your talent, and any other information you'd like to share with us. This will help us learn more about you and what makes your talent unique.  APPLICATION FORM
Submit Your Video by Friday, April 14, 2023
After completing the form, you'll need to record a video showcasing your talent. This video will be used to evaluate your skills and determine if you're a good fit for our talent show. Make sure you submit your video before the deadline of April 14, 2023.  Email your video to: burlingamerotary+talent@gmail.com
Why Should You Perform at the Burlingame’s Got Talent Show?
Still not convinced? Here are just a few reasons why participating in our talent show is an opportunity you won't want to miss:
Showcase Your Unique Talent
Our event provides a platform for you to share your abilities with an enthusiastic audience. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, this is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure and make a lasting impression.
Connect with Other Performers
By participating in Burlingame’s Got Talent, you'll have the chance to meet and network with fellow performers who share your passion for the arts. This could lead to potential collaborations and valuable friendships that will last a lifetime.
Hone Your Skills
Performing in front of a live audience.
Help Your Community
You'll be helping Burlingame Rotary raise money for local scholarships and non-profits.
Get Free Stuff
Performers get free admission with free food and drink!