Urban Chicken Farming Mysteries Revealed
Apr 07, 2021 12:15 PM
Melinda Buttle Cardona
Urban Chicken Farming Mysteries Revealed

Keeping chickens has become increasingly popular in urban and suburban areas. More and more cities with previously banned urban chickens are removing old regulations or making permits easier to obtain. The motivations for having chickens range from keeping them as pets or eating pests to raising them for eggs or meat. Some people sell the eggs for side income.

Learn about urban chicken farming from a local expert—Melinda Cardona. 

TheURBANchicken began in 2014 as a backyard urban farm. Around 5 years ago, Melinda raised a threatened species of poultry (unbeknownst to us at the time). The breeders were so thrilled with the survival rate, they asked us to brood and care for a poultry breed which was endangered (the beautiful Crèvecœur). With 100% of the birds making it to adulthood, and the re-homing of those protected birds, theURBANchicken quickly evolved into a modern-day silicon valley business. Today, they offer over 30 different varieties, genetically test for gender determination, educate local schools on poultry, as well as offer advice on general Chicken and urban farm keeping. TheURBANchicken is in this for the movement-they try their best to support local homesteaders, honest husbandry practices and organic urban farming.