Posted by Frances Boscacci on May 02, 2018

Pledge and Invocation

The Pledge was led by Mark Johnson and Fritz Brauner gave a spontaneous invocation, praying for strong leaders in future terms.
Visiting Rotarians & Guests:  James Johnson, visiting from the Irvine Rotary Club. Burlingame guest of the club was Lorie Meryl, Private Banker with Boston Private Bank.


A wonderful poem about birthdays was read by Pierre Bouquet. It goes something like this:  “Another year has passed and we’re all a little older.  Last Summer felt hotter, and winter seemed much colder. There was a time not long ago when life was just a blast. Now I finally understand about “living in the past” .  We used to go to weddings, football games and lunches. Now we go to funeral homes and after funeral brunches. We used to have hangovers from parties that were gay. Now we suffer body  aches and while the night away. We used to go out dancing, and couldn’t get our fill. Now we ask for doggy bags, come home and take a pill. We used to go to nightclubs and drink a little booze. Now we sit at home at night and watch the evening news. This my friends is how life is and now my tale is told. So enjoy each day and live it up before you are just too damned old”. Thanks Pierre!
Bob Doerr announced that “Bistro Burlingame” is almost here, Sunday May 20th, 5-8 PM. It will be an exceptional gastronomical experience, provided by local restaurants and eateries. Buy ticket online: Or Marilyn Orr may take your payment at the next lunch meeting. Stan Moore praised all the Burlingame Rotarians who volunteered their time at the Peninsula Boys and Girls Club on April 25th. It was a much needed hands-on project leveling and categorizing the facilities’ books.


Emily Mathews introduced our speaker for this morning, Rachel Meyer, Executive Director of “CuriOdyssey” at Coyote Point.  After 20 years at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where she observed what exhibits really engaged grown-ups and children, Rachel and her team are in charge of  “The Campaign for CuriOdyssey” and are in the midst of raising $16MM to invigorate the Coyote Point Museum and Zoo into an amazing place of discovery.  Rachel delighted us with a brief yet very informative presentation on the history, mission, programs and fund raising developments impacting the Coyote Point Museum and Zoo of San Mateo: “CuriOdyssey”.  The museum and zoo was first founded by the San Francisco Junior League in 1954 with the original purpose of getting children out of the city and close to nature. Today, its mission is to be a science and wildlife center actively engaged in bringing out the scientific genius in children and serving educational needs of the community. The center aims to alleviate an existing deficiency in science as an academic core competency in our education system. It seeks to have visitor/participants engage in critical thinking by having fun, doing trial and error, with the premise that self- directed learning is extremely important. A Vortex science exhibit, for instance, illustrates how much learning can be achieved by direct observation of natural phenomena. In addition to science, CuriOdyssey also houses and exhibits animals. Many were injured, and rescued, then nurtured back to health, including birds, and otters. Conservation is also a priority, with annual beach trips for cleanup and restoration. Observation work is done also, for counting of animals such as frogs and bobcats. Twenty-five percent of programming resources are allocated to the underserved, in promoting the active participation of members of organizations like CASA (Court Appointed Advocate) and Peninsula Boys and Girls Club.   The innovative approach of the CuriOdyssey organization has been well received by the community and has brought tremendous growth in attendance and gift revenue. Also the new approach has attracted donors, now counting with eight donor partners, including the Packard and Getty foundations. The dream of a new building exterior and interior has come true, as well as an observation deck. Come and see for yourself what CuriOdyssey is all about!