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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

High Gear Editor: Marilyn Orr


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We had a full house. 31 Rotarians and guests arrived to join our weekly meeting. President Fritz Brauner called the meeting to order. He then asked former Rotarian, Ray Larios, to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Bob Doerr took the podium to deliver the Invocation. Bob shared some quotes from C.S. Lewis.
You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”
President Fritz then asked for visitors. Marilyn Orr introduced former Burlingame Rotarian Ray Larios. Ray was visiting while on a short respite from Saudi Arabia. Marc Friedman deferred to Principal Jen Fong to introduce her guests from Burlingame High School. She introduced teacher Erik Bennett, BHS Senior and staff writer for the Burlingame B, Daniel Conway and Monica Bennett Firchow, the sister of Erik. Monica came all the way from San Luis Obispo for the occasion. Marc moved on to the folks from the Burlingame School District. At today’s meeting was Marla Silversmith, Superintendent, BIS Principal Erica Gilbert, teacher Jennifer Ansara and School Board member Dan Devoy.
We welcomed a new member. In the absence of the membership chair, Doug Person and the sponsor, Christine Krolik, President Fritz had to handle it solo. He asked Al Royse to come forward. Al is a member of the Hillsborough City Council as well as a longtime member of that community. Fritz presented him with the ever-coveted Rotary pin.
Past-President Marc Friedman came to the podium to officiate our annual awards to the Teachers of the Year from both Burlingame Intermediate School and Burlingame High School. Marc asked Superintendent Marla Silversmith and BIS Principal Erica Gilbert to come forward. Ms. Gilbert announced that this year’s winner was BIS teacher Jennifer Ansara. Ms. Ansara gave a brief talk on the joys she has experienced in her long teaching career. She was awarded a plaque and a check as recognition of this honor.
Marc then introduced Burlingame High School Principal Jen Fong. She then announced the BHS teacher who was selected to receive this award. Jen stressed the accomplishments that led to Erik Bennett being chosen by his peers for this honor. Marc then presented him with the plaque and the monetary award.
It was time to transition to the program. Jennifer Pence introduced our speaker. John M. Hutar is the CEO/President of the San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. He gave us an update on tourism in the region. He commented that the organization was left to him in good stead by its former CEO, Anne LeClair. He reviewed the founding of the bureau in 1971. The region is divided into four areas, North, Central. South, and Coast. John noted that tourism/convention business was down about 28% from pre-pandemic 2019. Burlingame was impacted more than other cities because of the size and numbers of hotels. But the outlook going forward is good. SFO and domestic travel was down 23%. International travel suffered, as well, but is trending up now that China has reopened. John reviewed many more aspects and initiatives of the bureau. All is available on their website.
President Fritz thanked John and presented him with a certificate informing him that our Rotary Club would be donating 5 polio immunizations to honor his presentation at this meeting.
To view this meeting, use the link below:
Zoom Recording!
Our very own Burlingame Rotarian, Mark Lucchesi has started a podcast for the Burlingame Historical Society called "Burlingame is a Small Town." He has interviewed a number of Burlingame Rotarians as well as other prominent folks in our community. You can check out his YouTube podcasts here.
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