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Zoom Meeting - Wednesday, March 31, 2021

High Gear Editor:  Frances Boscacci

Meeting Notes for March 31, 2021
Welcome- By President Emily
Pledge—Chris Mount-Benites - Thank you!
Invocation—Paul Watermulder shared a very special poem with us. Thank you Paul for such an
inspiring Invocation:
Our Unsung Hero: Dad, our unsung hero, you never count the cost, whatever we need is never
too much, but our praises have never been enough. Dad, our unsung hero, You daily risk your
life at work, to guard and care for the welfare of the needy, Oh, our praises could never be
enough. Dad, our unsung hero, who provides so well for us, we have not realized all you do for us,
Our praises have not been enough. Dad, our unsung hero, you’re never too busy to help, You're
always there when we need you, our praises could never be enough. Dad, our unsung hero, Who
guards and guides our way, we love you, and we thank you, On this Christmas Day. May the
angels watch over you, and guard you on your way, May God bless and protect you, and bring
you home each day.
Written by Officer Eric Talley's seven Children, Christmas Day 2019. Read at his memorial
service - March 30, 2021. Killed in Boulder, CO -March 22nd on duty, rushing into a store
without hesitation and saving many lives. Officer Tally had left a very successful career in IT at
age 41, to bravely serve those in need- He represents the best of this country. Bless him and bless
all Rotarians-Amen.
Guests of the Club—Our Speaker: Jenae Green, C-Span- Thank you for joining us- Speaker
Introductions below.
Announcements: From President Emily:
  • Happy hour will be Friday @ 5
  • Thanks to Marilyn for helping with the cookbook project. Five students are still looking for “seniors” to interview for an inter-generational cookbook project that’s being run through the Burlingame Collaborative.
  • Spring Golf Tournament will be Monday, May 3—we’ll have a fund-a-need, but not doing big sponsorships, really just want people to come play, Fiesta Cart will be roving the course with pre-Cinco de Mayo treats. Please sign up and invite friends to support us.
  • Don’t miss the fun! No need to be great at golf
  • Holiday party do-over at Filoli on June 27, 4-6:30- Join us and feel free to bring friends, it will be lovely!!
  • After the speaker today, Margaret Glomstad will give us a quick peak at the new Burlingame Community Center and take questions from us.
Sunshine Report: Bob Doerr filled in for Jim Shypertt, who was admitted to the hospital a
couple days before, for testing. Jim is doing fine and expects to recover soon. His good sense of
humor remains strong, as per his emails, so he’s in good spirits. Jim received a very special
stuffed toy “Ms. Lalaoloowing” from our club, wishing him smiles & a speedy recovery.
Bob also shared some sad news, that Joe Tanzi died peacefully in his sleep. His health had been
in sharp decline, he knew all about his condition, and was in a good mind about it. He had the
fortune to have Carol’s caring attentions. She informed us of his passing.
Breakout Rooms
We all enjoyed two ~5 minute breakout room sessions- Seems like we could keep the
conversation going for a lot longer!
Fritz invited all of us to join in a fun exercise intended to trigger special memories, and certainly
it did! Since every day has special celebrations, and you can look yourself, everyday is the “ National Day” of something. So Fritz checked, and shared that today is the National Day of: (today is April Fool’s Eve) 1- Manatee Appreciation Day 2- National Bunsen Burner Day 3-National Prom Day 4- National Crayon day, 5- National Clam Day 6- National Red Wagon Day! Pierre was the first to share great Clam memories, actually of bar-b-queuing oysters by the Bay. And Alden had great memories of crayons as a kindergartener drawing at St. Mathews School in San Mateo, 1946,
napping and drawing, what a life. As Alden put it, those were the good easy days of Kindergarten! Bob Doerr run away from home on a Red Wagon at age 4, and was helped by a police officer to get back to his concerned parents. Lina, our dentist in residence could not have completed dental school labs without those famous Bunsen burners. She remembered those three years, Bunsen burners on a daily basis… and a few more memories, it was another exciting news cast exercise!
Nancy Bush introduced our speaker Jenae Green’s fascinating background, and gave her a
warm welcome.
Program: Jenae has been at C-SPAN for over 5 years and is currently a member of its
community relations team. She told us she was actually born in Alameda, CA. She moved east at
four years of age and now lives in Virginia. She was very happy to come “back home” and
visit the Bay Area. She spends her time coordinating community-education events that engage
students, teachers, civic groups, public officials and those interested in politics.
Jenae and her colleague Heath shared the fascinating story of C-Span, from the time it came to be, in 1979, as a small network, until what they are today. They are affiliated with Comcast, who can be credited with bringing C-Span to its viewers, NOT Government funding. We enjoyed a very informative presentation about the many ways C-SPAN’s unfiltered mission, which is more relevant today, than ever, with so many challenges to our Democracy. C-SPAN resources, can be used as a “Window on Washington” to follow the daily happenings of the Federal (and State ) government, and how current issues are being addressed. And especially, as reporting intended to allow you to “Make Up Your Own Mind”. C-Span1, C-Span 2 and C-Pan 3 provide coverage of events in their entirety, a “long” format of political proceedings. So, they just bring viewers into the room, to take in the unfiltered material. She pointed out highlights of the material that can be found in the resources below. No matter how you consume your media, staying connected with C-SPAN is easy. Here are just some ways to get started:1. Visit c-span.org for LIVE and on demand programs, including more than 260,000 hours in the Video Library 2. Create a FREE MyC-SPAN account to bookmark, clip and share C-SPAN content 3. Follow us on social media — @cspan on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram —for timely updates throughout the day 4. Sign up for our daily and weekly newsletters for featured programming highlights and daily recaps 5. Download the FREE C-SPAN Radio app for LIVE audio streams of C-SPAN Radio and all three C-SPAN networks, plus podcasts 6. Check out our TV and Radio schedule for a look at upcoming programs on each network and C-SPAN Radio.
Jenae and Heath graciously answered Rotarians questions, and President Emily presented them with the Polio Vaccine donation in their name.
Burlingame Community Center Update
For those who decided to stay on the Zoom meeting, Margaret Glomstad spent some time
showing us photos of the Burlingame Recreation Center in (construction) progress. She
answered some of our questions. And something slightly new they are bringing about will be the
“Teen Center”, to better address the needs of the adolescent demographic.
Zoom Link:
Order a Home Flocking
The flocks have been flying! Below are photos of our first two flockings. Details about home flockings and order info on the website.
Apr 07, 2021 12:15 PM
Urban Chicken Farming Mysteries Revealed
Urban Chicken Farming Mysteries Revealed

Keeping chickens has become increasingly popular in urban and suburban areas. More and more cities with previously banned urban chickens are removing old regulations or making permits easier to obtain. The motivations for having chickens range from keeping them as pets or eating pests to raising them for eggs or meat. Some people sell the eggs for side income.

Learn about urban chicken farming from a local expert—Melinda Cardona. 

TheURBANchicken began in 2014 as a backyard urban farm. Around 5 years ago, Melinda raised a threatened species of poultry (unbeknownst to us at the time). The breeders were so thrilled with the survival rate, they asked us to brood and care for a poultry breed which was endangered (the beautiful Crèvecœur). With 100% of the birds making it to adulthood, and the re-homing of those protected birds, theURBANchicken quickly evolved into a modern-day silicon valley business. Today, they offer over 30 different varieties, genetically test for gender determination, educate local schools on poultry, as well as offer advice on general Chicken and urban farm keeping. TheURBANchicken is in this for the movement-they try their best to support local homesteaders, honest husbandry practices and organic urban farming. 

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“420”, A day celebrating cannabis businesses and culture
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