Rotarian of the Year

In Honor of Wade Macomber

When Dr. Henry “Wade” Macomber (1894-1983) died after more than a half-century of Burlingame Rotary membership, then-President Ogden White established a memorial service award in his honor. Each year, the award has renewed and fulfilled his promise: “that the kind of steady, loyal, selfless service epitomized by Wade Macomber will not go unheralded.”

Award Qualifications

In order to qualify for this award, the member:

  • Must have been a member in good standing of the Rotary Club of Burlingame for not less than ten years.
  • Must have, in a number of specifically identified ways, contributed in-person service above and beyond normal expectations to the purpose, objectives, and principles of Rotary.
  • Must have made significant and unique contributions in personal service to the local community measured from the standpoint of personal time, effort, and actual accomplishment.
  • Among peers, one must be recognized as a leader, a doer, and an accomplisher of special abilities.
  • Must have personal attributes and characteristics that identify the person as a truly outstanding individual.


2023 Cheryl Fama
2022 Emily Matthews
2020 Dennis Scott Zell
2019 John Delaney
2018 Sheryl Young
2017 Jennifer Pence
2016 Paul Nieberding
2015 Jerry Kuehn  
2014 Walt Ramseur
2013 Charles Voltz
2012 Karen Key  
2012 Mark Lucchesi
2011 Bob Doerr  
2010 Jim Shypertt
2009 Mike Heffernan
2008 Don Refvem  
2007 Jay Plank  
2006 Butch Taylor
2005 Ernie Scheppler
2004 Theodore Kruttschnitt
2003 Mark Johnson
2002 Colman Conneely
2001 Joseph Galligan
2000 Mary Janney
1999 Marilyn Orr  
1998 Frederick J. Brauner, IV
1997 Lage Andersen
1996 Charlie Mason
1995 Frank Hunt  
1994 Basil Emery  
1994 Don Lembi  
1993 Gary C. Norton
1992 Aldo J. Simonetti
1991 Hjalmar W. Herman
1990 Victor Mangini
1989 Michael R. Harvey
1988 Robert M. Davidson
1987 David Carr  
1986 Charles H. Eid
1986 Robert H. Showen
1985 William J. Crosby